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TITLE: ACS Publications
DESCRIPTION: A division of American Chemical Society that publishes journals and books in chemical sciences in various formats.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, acs

TITLE: Artists' Books Johan Deumens
DESCRIPTION: "Dealer of European and American "artists' books" and "livre de peintre" within the field of fine arts, for example from Abramovic, Richard Long, herman de vries, Robert Wilson, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Salon Verlag (Cologne), Coracle, etc."--Supplied by publisher.
PHONE: + 31-23-5282 491
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, artists

TITLE: Blackwell North America
DESCRIPTION: Includes new titles online, a collection development and bibliographic databases.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, bna

TITLE: Blackwell's Information Services: Publisher Services
DESCRIPTION: "Provides online access to the New Titles Online and Tables of Contents databases of Blackwell's US and UK. These databases are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day via the Internet or direct dial. NTO (New Titles Online) and Tables of Contents provide instant information on the market for academic books: what competition exists for a new title, how similar titles have done in the academic marketplace, how similar titles are priced, and what level of sales can be expected in the first months after publication."--Title screen.
LOCATION: 6024 SW Jean Road, Building G, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
PHONE: 800-547-6426 ; 503-684-1140
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, readmore, blackwell, pos

TITLE: Books@Random
CREATOR: Random House Inc.
DESCRIPTION: "Random House Inc., founded in 1925, is the world's largest English-language general trade book publisher."--About. It includes fiction and non-fiction books in hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, as well as publications in audio, multimedia, and other formats.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, random house, bantam, doubleday, dell

TITLE: Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)
DESCRIPTION: The online catalog of all major publications (serials, books, conference proceedings, reports) in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and medicine worldwide. Registered users can order full text of the publications directly online. Updated weekly. Requires telnet connection.
PHONE: 800-668-1222
KEYWORDS: science catalogs, canada

TITLE: Cobblestone Publishing Company
DESCRIPTION: "Publishes top quality nonfiction magazines and books about science and the social sciences for young readers (ages 7-14), as well as teachers' resources such as the "Teaching With Primary Sources" series. On this site find free articles from Cobblestone's seven magazines, teaching ideas, contests for children, helpful links and more."--Supplied by publisher.
PHONE: 800-821-0115
KEYWORDS: magazine catalogs

TITLE: Demco Media
DESCRIPTION: "Featuring the latest information on Turtleback?Books, Media Trek, and Demco Media's Periodical Subscription Service."--Supplied by publisher. The book catalog is searchable by author, title, series, subject, interest level, reading level, etc.
PHONE: 800-448-8939
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, demco media

TITLE: The Diamond Bookshelf
DESCRIPTION: Offers librarians a resource for introducing comic books, graphic novels, and other exciting graphic materials to their collections-a great tool for encouraging reluctant readers to develop their reading skills.
PHONE: 800-452-6642
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, diamond bookshelf

TITLE: Fulcrum Gardening
DESCRIPTION: "Publishes books for novice through expert gardeners in the following areas: native plants, xeriscape, how-to, garden design, cookbooks, insects, photography, children, and more!"--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, fulcrum gardening

TITLE: Fulcrum Resources
DESCRIPTION: "Publishes books for teachers, librarians, and parents in the following areas: native american, teaching strategies, science, nature, world stories (children's books by authentic native authors), activity books, celebrations, multicultural, and more!"--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, fulcrum resources

DESCRIPTION: "Publishes hundreds of books and CD-ROMs, as well as Internet- and online-delivered products ... Gale's databases range from literature and biographies to science and technology to those with general reference appeal such as its famous associations and media databases."--Who we are.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, gale

TITLE: Highsmith Press
DESCRIPTION: "Publishes educational, professional, and informational resources to meet the practical needs of readers, library users, colleges, schools and related institutions."--About Highsmith Press. Catalog can be searched by author, title, and subject.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, highsmith press

TITLE: Information Today, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: "The publisher of Information Today, the newspaper for users and producers of electronic information services, as well as other periodicals, books, directories, and online products for the library and information user and professional."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, information today

TITLE: Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers
DESCRIPTION: "Publishing that promotes responsible change in the professions, the workplace, and in society in areas of Business/Management, Human Resources, Religion, Education, Higher Education, Nonprofit and Public Administration, Health and Psychology."--Supplied by publisher. A searchable catalog of over 1,200 titles.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, jossey-bass

TITLE: Librairie Renaud-Bray
DESCRIPTION: "A dynamic multi-products (books, audio visual products, CD-ROM) french canadian book-store servicing academic and public libraries in Canada and USA."--Supplied by publisher. Under construction.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, librairie renaud-bray, french

TITLE: Library Association Publishing
CREATOR: The Library Association.
DESCRIPTION: "Library Association Publishing, with over 200 titles in print, is one of the largest publishers of library and information science titles."--About.
LOCATION: 7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE
PHONE: 0 (+44) 171 636 7543
FAX: 0 (+44) 171 436 7218
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, library association publishing, united kingdom, uk

TITLE: Libros De Ricardo: Spanish Children's Books
DESCRIPTION: "Spanish Children's Books for $1.95 per book! Over 800 titles available. Build your school, classroom, or any other library. Student Spanish Book Club for children."--Metadata.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, libros de ricardo, spanish

TITLE: Little, Brown and Company
DESCRIPTION: Publishes all kinds of reference books, popular reading books, children books, audio books. A major publisher for library books.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, little brown

TITLE: Mountain Press Publishing Company, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: "Publishes guidebooks on geology, nature, history, outdoor recreation, books on Montana, Will James' cowboy fiction reprints. Distributes books on horses, cowboys, the Old West, animal care, Yellowstone Park, Rick O'Shay and Latigo western comic series. Best known for Roadside Geology and Roadside History series, and natural history books."--Supplied by publisher. Catalog can be browsed by subjects, series, regions, and by title in alphabetical order.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, mountain press

TITLE: Nest Literary Classics
DESCRIPTION: Provides children�s literatures for preschool through grade five. It issues catalogs twice a year that include book descriptions, author and artist biographies, ISBNs, Dewey classifications, curriculum indications, and sample art.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, nest literary classics, children books

DESCRIPTION: Provides outstanding Bible and history stories in feature-film animation, new live-action series of inventors and artists, child-safety videos and musica as well as character education products.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, nestfamily, children videos

TITLE: Oryx Press
DESCRIPTION: "The Oryx Press is the largest publisher in Arizona and a preeminent provider of print and electronic information dedicated to serving the library, academic, and public markets. We specialize in reference titles, special collection development titles, grant titles, consumer health information, higher education titles, and many more."--Supplied by publisher. Oryx has been acquired by Greenwood Publishing Groupin Nov. 2000.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, oryx press

TITLE: Oxbow Books
DESCRIPTION: Provides a catalog of thousands of archaeology, classics and medieval titles.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, oxbow books

TITLE: Oxford University Press
DESCRIPTION: Provides information on special collections and a searchable catalog for the Press.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, oxford university press

TITLE: The Penguin Putnam Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Catalogs for Penguin Putnam Books in USA, Canada, and UK. Features young readers' catalog, academic arena, popular novels.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, penguin putnam books

TITLE: Powell's Books
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be "the largest physical bookstore in the United States, stocking over one million volumes in some 4000 subject areas." It carries "used, new, rare, out-of-print, antiquarian, and autographed books." Titles can be browsed by title, author, keyword, ISBN, etc.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, powells books

TITLE: The Richardson Company - Training Media
DESCRIPTION: The Richardson Company has offered training products for the workplace since
1992. We offer video-based, audio-based, and computer-based programs, as
well as books and self-study programs. Our training resource directories
include a full spectrum of employee and management training topics.
The Richardson Company represents over 150 different producers. Our training
library includes thousands of items. If you don't find the resource you are
seeking for on our website, we probably have other items to suggest. Contact
us today for all your training needs.  We want to be your training source!
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, richardson, training, media

TITLE: Schmidt Periodicals GmbH & Periodicals Service Company
DESCRIPTION: "Specialists in the purchase and supply of reprints, backsets & back volumes of periodicals to libraries throughout the world."--Title screen. Contains General Info, Online Catalogue, Search Facility, Forms for Enquiries, Requests for Catalogues, etc.
LOCATION: 11 Main St., Germantown, NY 12526
PHONE: 518-537-4700
KEYWORDS: periodicals exchange, reprints, backsets, back-issues

TITLE: The Thomson Corporation
DESCRIPTION: Contains management and contact information, and links to its subsidiary companies, as well as access to the Thomson Learning Catalog which includes publications from the Thomson companies. 
PHONE: 800-874-2383
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, thomson publishing

TITLE: Timeless Books
DESCRIPTION: Publishes books, audio cassettes and videos on Yoga, Buddhism and Eastern philosophy. It features the complete works of Swami Sivananda Radha. Its publications focuses on self study, inspiration and spiritual guidance.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, timeless books

TITLE: Visible Ink Press
DESCRIPTION: Contains a catalog of video and film, music, sports, and multicultural titles. Recently spun off from the Thomson Corporation.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, timeless books


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