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TITLE: Abracadabra Booksearch International
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be "one of the largest book search companies in the world ... [specializing] in finding Rare, Scarce and Out-Of-Print books for people and institutions."--Title screen. Search is free.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, out-of-print catalogs, rare books

TITLE: Advanced Book Exchange
DESCRIPTION: A service for providing free information on buying and selling out-of-print, used, rare and antiquarian books. You may also save your search requests onto the ABE database, and they will be retried every 24 hours. You will receive email notification of all matching books found.
KEYWORDS: rare books, out-of-print books

TITLE: Alibris - The Ultimate Source for Used, Rare, and Hard-To-Find Books
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be "the world of out-of-print, used, and rare books"--Title screen. Books can be ordered online with an account.
KEYWORDS: rare books, used books, out-of-print books

TITLE: Antiqbook: Antiquarian Booksellers Online
DESCRIPTION: Contains annotated links to rare and out-of-print catalogs, booksellers and publishers. Resources include books, manuscripts, arts, music, photographs, etc.
E-MAIL: David Meesters & Piet Wesselman,
KEYWORDS: rare books and objects, out-of-print books

TITLE: Best Big On-line Bookstores
DESCRIPTION: Offers "fine old books and a traditional book search capability, a list of best selling book titles to choose from, {and help users to} find book publishers, book reviews and libraries on-line."--Title screen. The lists of online US and Canadian bookstores, music stores, foreign books and antiquarian books are excellent sources to locate books on the Internet. Book reviews are also available.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, book reviews, bookstores, rare books

TITLE: Bibliocity
DESCRIPTION: Provides rare and collectible books such as first editions, antiquarian books, scholarly books, children's books, fine printing, fine bindings, Livres d'Artiste, Incunabula, manuscripts, ephemera, autographs, autograph letters, historical documents, maps, prints, photographs, and fine art.
KEYWORDS: rare books, collectible books

TITLE: Bibliophile Bookshelf
DESCRIPTION: Published by Auldbooks, it provides rare, out-of-print, scarce books in all subject areas.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, out-of-print catalogs, rare books

DESCRIPTION: "An online bookstore search and shopping agent, the savvy bibliophile's best resource. Several of the top bookstores online get searched, and the results are returned in a single formatted list, usually within seconds."--Title screen. Quite amazing how fast and well organized for the searching results. Good for searching new and used books. Rare book vendors are not included in the search list.
E-MAIL: Anirvan Chatterjee,
KEYWORDS: online bookstores, catalogs

TITLE: Book Look
DESCRIPTION: "America's out of print book search service. Hundreds of current catalogues and useful reference tools."--Supplied by vendor. The service provides specialists to search out-of-print books for users. The site will prompt for opening MPlayer. You can click on "Cancel" if you do not want to the site download anything to your cache.
PHONE: 800-223-0540
KEYWORDS: out-of-print catalogs

TITLE: Books and Book Collecting: SetMaker
DESCRIPTION: "A free service to try to link up odd volumes with incomplete sets of reference books, collected works and other multi-volume editions."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: incomplete sets, odd volumes

TITLE: BookSearch Big Link
DESCRIPTION: "Started in 1984 by Timothy Donahue. Mr. Donahue has been in the Rare and Out-of-Print book business since 1968. BookSearch, Inc. is affiliated with over 1,700 retail bookstores in all fifty states as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan."--About. Search is free through the Customer Search Request Form.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, out-of-print catalogs, rare books

TITLE: Cyberjaz(tm)
DESCRIPTION: "Rare and hard-to-find recordings, sheet music, arrangements and books."--Supplied by vendor.
KEYWORDS: rare recordings, music catalogs, music arrangements, bands, jazz

TITLE: International League of Antiquarian Booksellers
DESCRIPTION: "The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers is an organisation that encompasses national associations of antiquarian booksellers around the world. It speaks for twenty-one nations and two thousand leading booksellers."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: rare books, out-of-print books, associations, booksellers

TITLE: InterVarsity Press. [How to Locate Out-of-print Books?]
DESCRIPTION: Provides general information on how to locate out-of-print materials and links to sites with out-of-print books.
KEYWORDS: out-of-print catalogs

TITLE: Powell's Books
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be "the largest physical bookstore in the United States, stocking over one million volumes in some 4000 subject areas." It carries "used, new, rare, out-of-print, antiquarian, and autographed books." Titles can be browsed by title, author, keyword, ISBN, etc.
KEYWORDS: out-of-print books, rare books

TITLE: The Whole Web Book Search
DESCRIPTION: A service for locating over 20,000,000 books, rare, used, and antiquarian book dealers, and information and guidelines for book preservation and appraising book values.
KEYWORDS: out-of-print books, rare books, book appraisal, preservation

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