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Acquisitions, Serials, and Collection Development:
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TITLE: Cornell University Library. Collection Development Policy Statements
DESCRIPTION: "This page introduces a series of documents that describes the dynamic state of library collections at Cornell University. Each statement was written by one of the thirty bibliographers, curators, and selectors responsible for managing a subject or area and reflects that librarian's view of constituencies, collection strengths, formats and other issues. The documents are organized here by four headings, reflecting the groups that coordinate collection development in the library." Very nice place for collection development policies. Covers many subject areas.
E-MAIL: David Block,
KEYWORDS: collection development policy, cornell university library

TITLE: Iowa State University Library. Collections Office
DESCRIPTION: Visit the Iowa State University Collection Development department.
KEYWORDS: collection development, iowa state university library

TITLE: National Agricultural Library -- Collection Development
DESCRIPTION: Contains a description of NAL's collections, products and services, its mission statement, visitor information, and staff locator, Answers to Your Questions on how to obtain answers to general reference questions and get help from NAL's specialized information centers, How to Access NAL's on-line collection of agricultural images, guidelines on obtaining and donating materials, and other information products, as well as information on How to Access AGRICOLA--NAL's Online Public Catalog andJournal Article Citation Database.
KEYWORDS: collection development policy, national agricultural library

TITLE: NCSU Libraries - Collection Management Department
DESCRIPTION: Contains selected policies and procedures of the department, staff e-mail addresses, and other contact information.
KEYWORDS: collection development policy, staff directory, north carolina state university

TITLE: Pratt, Gregory F., Patrick Flannery and Cassandra L.D. Perkins. Guidelines for Internet Resource Selection
DESCRIPTION: This article provides a set of guidelines for Internet resource evaluation and selection. It includes a list of six points of criteria (which includes such items as quality & content, relevancy, ease of use and more) along with the discussion of unique challenges associated with collection development on the Internet.
SOURCE: College & Research Libraries News 57(3) (March 1996)): 134-135
KEYWORDS: collection development policy, internet resources

TITLE: University of Kansas Medical Center Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains general collection management and development policies as well as a detail analysis of the collection by subject.
KEYWORDS: collection development policy, university of kansas medical library

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TITLE: Iowa State University Library. Technical Services Division
DESCRIPTION: Visit the Iowa State University Acquisitions and Serials departments.
KEYWORDS: technical services, iowa state university library

TITLE: McGill University Libraries. Acquisitions
DESCRIPTION: Contains general policies and procedures, electronic resources, Blackwell's Book Services, FastCat procedures, and remote acquisitions tools.
E-MAIL: Joan Hobbins, ; Donna Duncan,
KEYWORDS: acquisitions, mcgill university libraries

TITLE: McGill University Libraries. Serials
DESCRIPTION: Contains general policies and procedures, serials subscription unit, and remote serials tools.
E-MAIL: Christine Oliver,
KEYWORDS: serials, mcgill university libraries

TITLE: State University of New York at Buffalo, University Libraries. Central Technical Services
DESCRIPTION: Contains policies and procedures for acquisitions, cataloging, preservation, mail and delivery, etc.
KEYWORDS: technical services, university at buffalo libraries

TITLE: University of California, San Diego. Technical Processing Online Tools (TPOT): Acquisitions
DESCRIPTION: Includes acquisitions departmental information, staff contacts, etc. For Acquisitions policies and resources, go to the home page.
KEYWORDS: acquisitions policy, university of california san diego

TITLE: University of Chicago. SerCat Online
DESCRIPTION: Contains University of Chicago Library's Serials Cataloging Section's documentation for descriptive and subject cataloging of serials, relevant LCRIs, USMARC code lists, etc.
KEYWORDS: serials, cataloging, university of chicago

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