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Licensing Electronic Resources

TITLE: Electronic Collections Development
DESCRIPTION: "Collects links to policy documents from research libraries regarding the development of collections in an environment increasingly marked by the challenge of electronic resources."--Title screen.
E-MAIL: Ann Okerson,
KEYWORDS: electronic collection policies

TITLE: It's All In the Fine Print: Online Resources for Software and Database License Review
DESCRIPTION: Developed by the Office of General Counsel, University of Texas System, this guide provides information on how to make contracts for electronic resources. Checklists and standard contracts are offered.
E-MAIL: Georgia Harper,
KEYWORDS: license, contracts, electronic resources, internet

TITLE: Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources
DESCRIPTION: "The American Association of Law Libraries, American Library Association, Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries, Association of Research Libraries, Medical Library Association, and Special Libraries Association have combined to develop these principles.... The intent of this document is two-fold: to guide libraries in negotiating license agreements for access to electronic resources, and to provide licensors with a sense of the issues of importance to libraries and their user communities in such negotiations."
E-MAIL: ARL Web Administrator
KEYWORDS: license, electronic resources, internet

TITLE: Rights for Electronic Access to and Dissemination of Information
DESCRIPTION: Sponsored by the Coalition for Networked Information (and prepared by Robert Ubell Associates), this site provides reports and guides to negotiate and license electronic resources. The guide "offers a paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of contractual language in the networked environment. It is designed to assist network vendors, suppliers, publishers, and buyers of networked information in their efforts to negotiate effective agreements."
KEYWORDS: license, electronic resources, internet

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