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TITLE: Collection Development and the Internet: a Brief Handbook for Recommending Officers in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division at the Library of Congress
DESCRIPTION: "The intent of this handbook is to provide practical guidance in using the Internet to extend the techniques we have traditionally used in the area of collection development."--Title screen. Compiled by Abby Yochelson, Cassy Ammen, John Guidas, Sheridan Harvey, Carolyn Larson, Margo McGinnis, this Web page provides in-depth annotated links to acquisitions and collection development tools and resources on the Web.
KEYWORDS: acquisitions, collection development

DESCRIPTION: Came online in early April of 1996. In it you'll find items such as an online membership brochure, lists of committee and board members, citations for the published Conference Proceedings volumes and links to other Web sites of interest to serialists, as well as a link to information about the 1996 NASIG Conference at the University of New Mexico. Some areas of the Web site are limited by copyright terms to NASIG members and require a password for access. New links and items will continue to be added to NASIGWeb, including the NASIG 2000 Strategic Plan and a directory of NASIG members' talents and services.
KEYWORDS: serials standards, nasig

TITLE: Serials in Cyberspace
DESCRIPTION: Excellent source for electronic journals. Includes Sites With Electronic Journal Collections & Services in U.S. and the world.
AUTHOR: Birdie MacLennan
KEYWORDS: serials, electronic journals

TITLE: Using the Internet In Technical Services
DESCRIPTION: Compilation of resources for Technical Services Librarians. It is part of a workshop given in October 1999.
E-MAIL: Linda H. West,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, technical services, tools, acquisitions

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