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TITLE: Beyond Surfing: Tools and Techniques for Searching the Web
DESCRIPTION: "This article focuses on some of the tools now available for finding information on the Web using two interdependent approaches: browsing through subject trees and hierarchies, and keyword searching using search engines."--Introduction. Very comprehensive information.
AUTHORS: Kathleen Webster & Kathryn Paul
KEYWORDS: search engines comparison

TITLE: The Scout Report
DESCRIPTION: Located in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the report provides valuable resources on the Internet selected, researched, and annotated by professional librarians and subject matter experts.
KEYWORDS: internet resources, reviews

TITLE: Slot, Matt. The Matrix of Internet Catalogs and Search Engines
DESCRIPTION: An "evaluation and opinion of many of the most popular Web search engines and subject catalogs. Although ideally suited as a guide for the Internet novice, it also serves as a checklist for experienced netsurfer's and information specialists who want specific features or value-added services."
E-MAIL: Matt Slot,
KEYWORDS: search engines, subject-oriented catalogs, evaluation, review

TITLE: Stroud's Web Browser Reviews
DESCRIPTION: The site provides links to each Web browser and a review of the browser. Select Browsers and then Web Browsers on the left column to get the individual browsers and their reviews.
KEYWORDS: web browsers, review

TITLE: University of Berkeley. Internet Search Tool Details
DESCRIPTION: Contains database and searching information for search tools such as: Yahoo, Galaxy, Alta Vista, Infoseek Guide, Open Text Web Index, Lycos.
SunSITE Manager,
KEYWORDS: search engines comparison

TITLE: Search Engine Watch
DESCRIPTION: Contains: "A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines which explains how search engines find and rank web pages, with an emphasis on what webmasters can do to improve how search engines list their web sites; the Search Engines Facts And Fun which provides background about search engines, tips on how to use them better, some history, and even a game to test your search engine knowledge; the Search Engine Status Reports which provides some insight on how search engines are performing in different areas; the Search Engine Resources and the Search Engine Report Mailing List."--Welcome To Search Engine Watch.
EDITOR: Danny Sullivan
KEYWORDS: search engines, evaluation, review

TITLE: WebSerch
DESCRIPTION: "Designed to aid librarians, information professionals and the search enthusiast in the evaluation and selection of information retrieval tools and information sources, and equip the information seeker for the search process."--Title screen.
E-MAIL: Eddie Byrne,
KEYWORDS: search engines, evaluation, review

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