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TITLE: Boards Review Software
DESCRIPTION: "This article explains the selection criteria and review process as applied to the individual software packages. Following the article is a comparative chart of software features, which links to the reviews individually and by specialty. Reviews will be appended as other appropriate software is identified ... To be selected for this introductory review article, the software's major (not necessarily sole) objective had to be to prepare the user for certification or recertification in a general specialty field."
KEYWORDS: medical software review

TITLE: The Lawtek Group Software Reviews
DESCRIPTION: Software and Hardware guides for attorneys.
KEYWORDS: legal software review

DESCRIPTION: Reviews of books, music, videos, and software for babies, toddlers, preschool children, kindergarten, grade 1 to teens.
KEYWORDS: book, video, music, software, reviews, children

TITLE: Science Books & Films (SB&F)
DESCRIPTION: An online sample version of the printed "critical review journal devoted exclusively to print and nonprint materials in all of the sciences and for all age groups."--About.
KEYWORDS: book review, science, reference, children

TITLE: Sites with Reviews of Children's Educational Software
DESCRIPTION: Reviews of educational software for children. Topics include: reading, writing, math, science, social studies, foreign languages, arts, thinking skills, etc.
KEYWORDS: children software review

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