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TITLE: Archival Societies Menu
DESCRIPTION: List of archival societies such as Society of American Archivists, Academy of Certified Archivists, Association of Moving Image Archivists, regional, state, and local area societies, etc. Very good resource for locating an archive society.
KEYWORDS: archivists, archive, society, organization

TITLE: International Council on Archives = Conseil international des archives = Consejo Internacional de Archivos
DESCRIPTION: "The International Council on Archives is a non-governmental organization, acting internationally, which is concerned with archives and their role in: the conduct of public and private activities, the protection of individual rights, the advancement of human knowledge and culture. Founded in 1948, at a meeting convened by UNESCO, ICA was formally established at its first international congress held in Paris two years later. ICA is a non-governmental organization admitted in the category of consultative and associate relations with UNESCO (Category A). It cooperates with other international organizations in implementing projects of common interest." Information available in English, Espanol, and Francais.
KEYWORDS: archives council, international

TITLE: Libraries and Archives
DESCRIPTION: The most comprehensive site for archival resources, finding aids, etc.
KEYWORDS: library archives

TITLE: Library/Archives Resources
DESCRIPTION: A "Genealogy and Family History web site. This is a specific educational, Library and Archives Resources site that deals directly with UC Davis, Shields Library, the Sacramento Regional Community and extended UC systemwide Internet connections."--Supplied by the author.
KEYWORDS: archives, genealogy, family history

TITLE: The National Archives Information Server (CLIO)
DESCRIPTION: Contains strategic directions for the national archives, information about the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and its holdings, Guide to the National Archives which is the electronic version of the Comprehensive Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States, Federal Records Management Information, Archival Information, Online Exhibit Hall, Genealogy, Information for archivists and records managers, the Federal Register, National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and the NARA Library.
KEYWORDS: national archives, usa, america

TITLE: National Public Broadcasting Archives
CREATOR: University of Maryland Libraries.
DESCRIPTION: Contains "the archival record of the major entities of non-commercial broadcasting in the United States. NPBA's collections include the archives of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and National Public Radio (NPR). Other organizations represented in the Archives are the Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT), Midwest Program for Airborne Television Instruction (MPATI), the Public Service Satellite Consortium (PSSC), America's Public Television Stations (APTS), the Children's Television Workshop (CTW), and the Joint Council for Educational Telecommunications (JCET).... the personal papers of many individuals who have made significant contributions to public broadcasting, such as C. Scott Fletcher, Susan Fratkin, Lee Frischknecht, Samuel Holt, Frank Norwood, Morris Novik, John Schwarzwalder, Paul Taff, Elizabeth Young and others. NPBA's reference library contains basic studies of the broadcasting industry, rare pamphlets and journals on relevant topics, plus clippings from the PBS press clipping service.... NPBA also collects and maintains a selected audio and video program record of public broadcasting's national production and support centers (NAEB, NPR, CPB/Annenberg) and of local stations WETA, WAMU-FM and Maryland Public Television (MPT), oral history tapes and transcripts from the NPR Oral History Project."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: archives, broadcasting

TITLE: Ready, 'Net, Go! Archival Internet Resources
CREATOR: Tulane University. Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Special Collections Division.
DESCRIPTION: Contains lists of archives Web sites around the world, tools for archivists, archival search engines for finding archival data, professional resources for archival development.
E-MAIL: Leon C. Miller,
KEYWORDS: library archives, special collections

TITLE: Society of American Archivists
DESCRIPTION: "Exert active leadership on significant archival issues while promoting high quality archival education programs, building effective coalitions, increasing public awareness of the value of archives, and advancing the identification, preservation and use of electronic records."
KEYWORDS: archivists, archive, society, organization

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TITLE: Historical Archives of the European Communities
DESCRIPTION: Contains the original European Community files produced in Brussels and Luxembourg, papers of European politicians or officials, archives of European associations, parties and institutions, with a relevant role in the construction of the European Union, a collection of official Community publications (official publications, grey literature) and a specific library to facilitate work with the documents, and a special collection of posters, pictures, and maps.
KEYWORDS: archives, europe, european communities

TITLE: National Archives of Australia
DESCRIPTION: Preserve valuable Commonwealth records as part of the archival resources of Australia and make them accessible. It also provides links to many Australian archive sites.
KEYWORDS: national archives, australia

TITLE: National Archives of Canada = Archives nationales du Canada
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1872, the Archives' collections today include millions of records, including texts, photographs, films, maps, videos, books, paintings, prints and government files. It also includes information on archives preservation.
KEYWORDS: national archives, canada

TITLE: Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (Canada)
DESCRIPTION: "Established in 1967, the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick collects and preserves the documents of the people, institutions and government of the province."--Title screen. Includes resources like Government Records, Private Records, Photographs, Maps, Sound and Moving Images, Records Management and Archival Publication Series, etc.
KEYWORDS: records management, archives, new brunswick

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