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TITLE: Idaho Library Association (ILA)
DESCRIPTION: "A volunteer organization comprised of over 500 public, school, academic, and special librarians throughout the state of Idaho working together to advance the common library interest, to promote ILA, and to foster a climate to extend and improve library service in Idaho."--Title screen. Includes information about the association, bylaws, conferences, committees, scholarships and awards, and other Idaho library links.
KEYWORDS: library association, idaho

TITLE: Illinois Library Association (ILA)
DESCRIPTION: Includes information on the association, news, publications, and related links.
KEYWORDS: library association, illinois

TITLE: Indiana Academic Library Association (IALA)
DESCRIPTION: Includes information on bylaws, committees, conference of the association, and links to conference presentations and Indiana academic libraries.
KEYWORDS: library association, indiana, academic libraries

TITLE: Indiana Corporate & Network Library Association (ICNLA)
DESCRIPTION: An association of the Indiana Library Federation, the site includes information on the organization and its conference programs.
KEYWORDS: library association, indiana, corporate libraries

TITLE: Indiana Library Federation (ILF)
DESCRIPTION: "The Indiana Library Federation is a statewide organization for library professionals and library supporters. It is the largest organization of its kind in Indiana, boasting more than 3,000 personal, institutional, and library trustee members."--Information about ILF. In addition to association information, the site also provides links to other library associations in Indiana, Web catalog, and links of interest.
KEYWORDS: library association, indiana

TITLE: Indiana Public Library Association (IPLA)
DESCRIPTION: Includes contact information of the Executive Board members.
KEYWORDS: library association, indiana, public libraries

TITLE: Iowa Library Association (ILA)
DESCRIPTION: Contains information about the association, its news, conference, committees, events, and other library links.
KEYWORDS: library association, iowa

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