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TITLE: Oklahoma Library Association (OLA)
DESCRIPTION: "Since organizing in 1907 with nineteen members, the Oklahoma Library Association has worked to strengthen and promote libraries, library services, and librarianship in Oklahoma. The Association now represents more than 900 librarians, library staff, trustees, and supporters."--Title screen. The site provides detailed information about the organization, membership opportunities, and other library links.
LOCATION: 300 Hardy Drive, Edmond, OK 73013
PHONE: 405-348-0506
KEYWORDS: library association, oklahoma

TITLE: Oregon Library Association
DESCRIPTION: "The purpose of this site is to keep Oregon's library community informed about events and issues important to association members, libraries, library professionals, library support staff, public library trustees, and friends of libraries across the state."--Title screen. The site provides information about the association and links to other library associations and Web resources in Oregon.
LOCATION: P.O. Box 2042, Salem, OR 97308-2042
PHONE: 503-370-7019
FAX: 503-587-8063
KEYWORDS: library association, oregon

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