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TITLE: The Rhode Island Educational Media Association (RIEMA)
DESCRIPTION: "Serving professionals in Rhode Island's school library/media, computer,and instructional technology programs."--Title screen. Includes information on the organization, news, bylaws, conferences and events, links to Rhode Island library home pages and helpful reference links for librarians such as reference, books, and technology links, resource directory, RIEMA Newsletter, information literacy resource guide, etc.
E-MAIL: Holly Barton,
KEYWORDS: school library association, rhode island

TITLE: Rhode Island Library Association (RILA)
DESCRIPTION: "A professional association of librarians, library staff, library trustees, and library supporters whose purpose is to promote the profession of librarianship and to improve the visibility, accessibility, responsiveness, and effectiveness of library and information services throughout Rhode Island."--Title screen. Includes information about the association, its constitution, long range plan, offices and committees, membership information, and its discussion list.
LOCATION: P.O. Box 7858, Warwick, RI 02887-7578
KEYWORDS: library association, rhode island

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