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EOS International
DESCRIPTION: EOS International offers Web-based EOS.Web, a modular, scalable, and
customizable library automation solution built on library and computing
standards such as MARC21, SQL, and XML. Easily handles multiple collections,
with multiple catalog search options. Runs locally on your server or save
time, effort, & money with our ASP web hosting service.
KEYWORDS: web-based, library automation, SQL, XML


TITLE: Integrated Library System Reports
CREATOR: Dzurinko, Mary ; Platt, Nina.
DESCRIPTION: Provides information on "everything about integrated online library systems - tracks and reports current integrated online library system trends."--Title screen. The site contains ILSR Feature Article which highlights today�s major integrated system issues and trends; ILSR Reviews which evaluates IOLS systems and includes system special features and requirements; ILSR Sample RFPs which provides links to Requests for Proposals, Requests for Information and Technology Plans available on the Internet; ILSR Press Release which provides abstracts and Internet links to the latest IOLS industry news; and ILSR Vendors which links to IOLS vendor Web pages and press releases.
KEYWORDS: library automated systems


DESCRIPTION: Provides access to Macintosh weekly news, product reviews, link to Macworld newsletters, and free downloads.
KEYWORDS: mac week

TITLE: PC Magazine Online
DESCRIPTION: "PC Magazine Online is the Web's most complete computing resource."--Tour. The site provides not only searchable archives of computer product reviews conducted by PC Magazine editors, but also current trends of technology, net buyers links, and free downloads.
KEYWORDS: pc magazine

TITLE: PC Week Online
DESCRIPTION: Provides access to product reviews, archives of print issues, technology news, and free downloads.
KEYWORDS: pc week

TITLE: PC World Online
DESCRIPTION: Provides access to products of personal computing technology, hot downloads, and free tips covering everything from shareware to gameware.
KEYWORDS: pc world

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