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Automation: Computer Lab Management

TITLE: Ghost Software
DESCRIPTION: The Site for the Ghost software which duplicates hard drives for multiple PCs. "Ghost is a DOS based utility designed to minimize the installation times for operating systems such as Win95, Win95 (FAT32), WinNT and OS/2. [It] allows you to create a Master Image file of a workstation which can then be stored on a Network Server, CDROM, JAZ or ZIP Drive and restore this Image to a new workstation (Single-Access method) or to multiple workstations (Multi-Access method). [It] dynamically FDISKs and FORMATs the target disk, allowing FAT partitions to be expanded or contracted to fit the target drive. Ghost can handle Win95/NT long filenames, NTFS partitions, OS/2 extended attributes and even OS/2 boot manager partitions."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: computer lab management, software

TITLE: HelpOnThe.Net: Tech Support Guy
DESCRIPTION: A resource of questions and answers for Windows 95, 98, NT, and other applications. Archives and Tech Support Guy Bulletin Board are available for more help.
KEYWORDS: computer lab, technical support

TITLE: Lab Installed Software
DESCRIPTION: A collection of computer lab software to detect and fix problems, as well as conversion utilities programs installed by teaching lab staff.
KEYWORDS: computer lab software
TITLE: Novell Document Source
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to all kinds of Novell online documents, troubleshooting, technical support information, utilities programs, etc.
KEYWORDS: novell, netware, documents, software

TITLE: Pcounter
DESCRIPTION: A powerful set of tools which track printer usage and provide smart, fast, reliable printing on Novell Netware and Intranetware networks.
KEYWORDS: network printing, novell, netware

TITLE: Pegasus Mail by David Harris
DESCRIPTION: Hosted by LANsoft USA, Inc., "Pegasus Mail is an electronic mail system for use with Novell NetWare (versions 2.15A and later), and on standalone systems using the WINSOCK TCP/IP interface. It is a full-fledged mailer, one of its more unusual characteristics being that it is freeware - not shareware, but "free". You can use it without charge, restriction or obligation on as many servers and machines as you wish."--Title screen.
E-MAIL: Webmaster
KEYWORDS: e-mail system

DESCRIPTION: Search by company, product, or keyword for technical support. It links the users directly to the vendors' Web sites.
KEYWORDS: computer lab, technical support

TITLE: Washington University Data Archive (Wuarchive)
DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive mirror site for many other Internet sites and archives resources and software relevant to the academic and computing community.
KEYWORDS: computer software, programs

TITLE: ZAC Catalogs: Your Software, Hardware, and Network Tools Store(TM)
DESCRIPTION: Offers detail description of each reviewed hardware and software products (emphasize on software) such as programming languages, utilities, network management, etc. Current price information, product features, and system requirement are listed.
KEYWORDS: computer software review, management tools

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