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Automation: Computer and Network Security

TITLE: Firewalls and Your Library
DESCRIPTION: Expert's suggestion for a good, low-cost firewall for your library.
KEYWORDS: computer network security, filewalls

TITLE: Computer and Network Security Reference Index
DESCRIPTION: Contains a list of links to information sources on Network and Computer Security. It includes WWW resources, commercial products and vendors, newsgroups, FTP sites, e-mail lists, online documentation archives which includes RFCs, and FAQs on firewall and other popular security issues.
PUBLISHER: Telstra Corp.
KEYWORDS: computer security, network security, internet security

TITLE: Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
DESCRIPTION: "Developing, prototyping, testing, and implementing computer security standards and procedures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or modification. Areas of cooperation with industry include risk management; open systems; LAN security; security architectures; systems integration; and public and private key cryptographic techniques as applied to electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic funds transfer, and electronic mail."
LOCATION: National Institute of Standards and Technology
KEYWORDS: computer security, internet security, cryptography, anti-viruses

TITLE: Cryptography
DESCRIPTION: Ray Kopsa's Shortcut to Cryptography 
KEYWORDS: e-mail security, cryptography



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