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Ready Reference: Religious People Biographies

TITLE: Biography of Christian Women
DESCRIPTION: A bibliography of books that talk about christian women's autobiographies and biographies.
KEYWORDS: christian women, bibliography, biographies

TITLE: Biographies of Hindu Saints and Advaita
DESCRIPTION: Lists biographies of the Hindu Saints and author's selections of writings on India spirituality.
KEYWORDS: hindu, india, saints, biographies

TITLE: Calendar of Christian Historical Biographies
DESCRIPTION: "This is a reference page to biographies written by James Kiefer (JEK@NIHCU.BITNET) for the Christian Discussion List. This discussion list is devoted to issues of practical Christian living. The biographies listed here are arranged by the month and day on which they are commemorated."--Source.
E-MAIL: James Kiefer, jek@nihcu.bitnet
KEYWORDS: christian, biographies

TITLE: Catholic Online Saints Index
DESCRIPTION: Contains biographical information of Catholic saints.
E-MAIL: James Kiefer,
KEYWORDS: christian, catholic, biographies

TITLE: The Encyclopedia Mythica
DESCRIPTION: "The Encyclopedia Mythica is an on-line encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend. It contains hundreds of definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings, legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world."--Metadata description field. There are over 200 mythology images on the site.
KEYWORDS: encyclopedias, mythology, folkore, legends, gods, goddesses

TITLE: Gods, Goddesses, & Myth
DESCRIPTION: Provides biographical information and/or origins of the ancient gods and goddesses.
KEYWORDS: gods, goddesses, mythological biographies

TITLE: Greek Mythology
DESCRIPTION: Provides detailed information on Greek mythological figures through "A List of the Immortals". The site also offers the comparison of Greek and Roman names.
KEYWORDS: mythological biographies

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