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Departmental Contacts, Policies and Procedures

TITLE: Columbia University Libraries. Cataloging Practices Manual
DESCRIPTION: A good set of cataloging procedures and documents covering bibliographic, authority, holdings records, as well as other processing information.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, columbia university

TITLE: Colby College Libraries. Technical Services Department. Guides & Procedures
DESCRIPTION: Includes policies and procedures for cataloging and classification. Most documents are related to multimedia and special formats cataloging, such as discs, maps, video tapes.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, technical services, colby college

TITLE: Cornell University. Technical Services Manual
DESCRIPTION: The bulk of this manual was written in 1988, when Cornell University Library brought up its NOTIS-based OPAC. Therefore, the contents deal mainly with NOTIS tag codes and procedures.
KEYWORDS: technical services, cornell university

TITLE: Indiana University Bloomington Libraries. IO Catalog Management Department
DESCRIPTION: Contains internal documentation for authority control, original cataloging, and retrospective conversion.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, indiana university, bloomington

TITLE: McGill University Libraries. Cataloguing
DESCRIPTION: Contains general policies and procedures, classification, call numbers, descriptive cataloging and database maintenance, authorities, holdings, special materials, etc. procedures, and remote cataloging tools.
E-MAIL: Barbara Finlay, ; Joan Hobbins, ; Christine Oliver,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, mcgill university libraries

TITLE: Memorial University of Newfoundland. Cataloguer's Toolbox
DESCRIPTION: Provides access to local cataloguing tools, including departmental policies and procedures and resources from other Internet hosts around the world.
E-MAIL: Charley Pennell,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, memorial university of newfoundland

TITLE: MIT Libraries. Cataloging Oasis
DESCRIPTION: "Designed to provide many of the "little bits" of information catalogers need on a daily basis. Some of the information is MIT specific since MIT local practices have been documented wherever possible."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, massachusetts institute of technology

TITLE: Music Cataloging at Yale
CREATOR: Koth, Mickey.
DESCRIPTION: "Music Cataloging at Yale includes explanations, charts, and instructions for all aspects of cataloging printed and recorded music. Most of the documentation is locally-created documents, but there are also links to other sites. The page covers call numbers, general music cataloging resources, descriptive and subject cataloging, music uniform titles, music subject headings, MARC tagging, language tools, sources for music biographical and uniform title information, and links to other music cataloging websites and online catalogs."--Supplied by author.
E-MAIL: Mickey Koth,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, music, yale

TITLE: NCSU Libraries - Cataloging Department
DESCRIPTION: Contains information on departmental goals and services, plus cataloging tools.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, north carolina state university

TITLE: Northwestern University Library. Technical Services
DESCRIPTION: Contains Bibliographic Record Services, Catalog, and Bibliographic Access to Electronic Resources Committee Report and Recommendations which address the resulting cataloging and other processing challenges in the context of restraints and shrinking technical services resources.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, northwestern university

TITLE: Pennsylvania State University Libraries. Cataloging Department. Rare Materials Team
DESCRIPTION: Contains policies and procedures for rare materials and cataloging of rare books.
E-MAIL: John Hamilton,
KEYWORDS: pennsylvania state university, cataloging, rare collection

TITLE: Princeton University Library. Catalog Division Home Page
DESCRIPTION: Contains departmental procedures and other cataloging related resources, including instructions and examples for collection level cataloging.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, princeton university

TITLE: State University of New York at Buffalo, University Libraries. Cataloger's Workstation Task Force
DESCRIPTION: The Task Force was charged to recommend what software should be made available in a cataloger's workstation. Its report is useful to other cataloging departments which are planning for the future.
E-MAIL: Judith Hopkins,
KEYWORDS: catalogers workstation, university at buffalo libraries

TITLE: State University of New York at Buffalo, University Libraries. Central Technical Services
DESCRIPTION: Contains policies and procedures for acquisitions, cataloging, preservation, mail and delivery, etc.
KEYWORDS: technical services, university at buffalo libraries

TITLE: University of California, San Diego. Technical Processing Online Tools (TPOT): Catalog Department
DESCRIPTION: Includes departmental reports, statistics, and contact information. For links to cataloging policies, cataloging related sites on Internet, etc. go to home page.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, university of california san diego

TITLE: University of Chicago. SerCat Online
DESCRIPTION: Contains University of Chicago Library's Serials Cataloging Section's documentation for descriptive and subject cataloging of serials, relevant LCRIs, USMARC code lists, etc.
KEYWORDS: serials, cataloging, university of chicago

TITLE: University of Virginia Library. Cataloging Services Department
DESCRIPTION: A good tool for cataloging policy and procedures with a searchable index.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, university of virginia

TITLE: Willamette University. Mark O. Hatfield Library. Technical Services Department
DESCRIPTION: Provides policies and procedures on Cataloging Internet Resources, Cataloging Government Documents from Circulation, Checking URL's in the Library Catalog, Electronic Statistics, Government Documents, Orbis, and Series Authority Records, etc.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, willamette university

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