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Descriptive Cataloging


T ITLE: The Library Corporation
DESCRIPTION: The BiblioFile family of cataloging tools includes a Unicode-compliant editor with advanced Z39.50 search and filtering, label printing, and various built-in utilities, plus access to the 41 million record  ITS.MARC database and an 18MB help file (Cataloger's Reference Shelf). The Library Corporation's other automation tools include authority control, data enrichment, public access catalogs, circulation, and content delivery.
KEYWORDS: library automation, cataloging, library software, OPAC

TITLE: AACR2 Abbreviation listing
DESCRIPTION: Lists of abbreviations used in AACR2.
KEYWORDS: aacr2, abbreviations

TITLE: AACR2: Access Points
DESCRIPTION: A brief summary of key points from AACR2 for access points applied for monographs.
KEYWORDS: aacr2, access points, monographs

TITLE: AACR2 : Descriptive Cataloguing for Monographs
DESCRIPTION: A summary of key points of descriptive cataloging for monographs from AACR2.
KEYWORDS: aacr2, access points, monographs

ITLE: Abbreviations for Place of Publication in AACR2 and as Postal Codes
DESCRIPTION: A list of AACR2 abbreviations of the names of certain countries, states, provinces, and territories in comparison to abbreviations of those names used as postal codes.
KEYWORDS: aacr2, postal codes abbreviations

TITLE: Catalogers' Reference Shelf
DESCRIPTION: "The Cataloger's Reference Shelf, a component of the help systems in ITS for Windows and the Library. Solution integrated online library system, has recently been published in web format and is available
for free use by any cataloger with a web browser. The CRS is a collection of  21 MARC manuals and other reference works frequently accessed by technical services staff."
KEYWORDS: cataloging, library catalog system, library catalog, catalog software

TITLE: Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access
DESCRIPTION: "The purpose of the following series of pages is to facilitate the work of the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) and provide a means for outreach to both library and non-library cataloging communities. CC:DA is the body within the American Library Association (ALA) responsible for developing official ALA positions on additions to and revisions of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition, 1988 Revision."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: cataloging

TITLE: Ending Punctuation for Bibliographic Data
CREATOR: Sha, Vianne.
DESCRIPTION: Provides guidelines and examples on ending punctuation for MARC fields in bibliographic records based on information compiled from the USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation prepared by the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office.
E-MAIL: Vianne Sha,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, punctuation

TITLE: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
DESCRIPTION: Delineate the functions performed by a bibliographic record and list the requirements for a bibliographic record that can help it to meet users' needs.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, bibliographic record elements, functions

TITLE: Guidelines for Sheet Music Cataloging
DESCRIPTION: Presented by the Working Group of the Bibliographic Control Committee of the Music Library Association, this Web lists the draft guidelines for the description of sheet music based on AACR2 chapter 5.
E-MAIL: David Williamson,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, sheet music

TITLE: Initial Definite and Indefinite Articles
DESCRIPTION: From USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data and USMARC Format for Authority Data, Appendix E, this is a list of definite and indefinite articles and the languages in which they are used alphabetically by the article.
KEYWORDS: initial articles, foreign languages

TITLE: LC Contact People -- Policy matters relating to cataloging
DESCRIPTION: The Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate now maintains a World Wide Web Home Page. Information available through this home page includes Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), lists of directorate managers; Cataloging Directorate online publications such as the "Proceedings of the Seminar on Cataloging of Digital Documents" held at the University of Virginia and the Library of Congress in October 1994; and documentation about Cataloging Directorate internal workflows, distribution policies, etc. The page also links to information from the menu "Cataloging at the Library of Congress" on the LC Gopher site LC MARVEL, including the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Weekly Lists and back issues of LC Cataloging Newsline and CONSERline.
E-MAIL: David Williamson,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, authority maintenance

TITLE: Library of Congress. CONSER
DESCRIPTION: CONSER is a cooperative online serials cataloging program which is a source of high quality bibliographic records for serials and a promulgator of standards related to serials.
KEYWORDS: serials cataloging

TITLE: Library of Congress. CONSER Cataloging Manual: Contents
DESCRIPTION: "Organized by the decisions to be made, citing the relevant rule of LCRI, or an area of the CEG (CONSER Editing Guide)."
KEYWORDS: cataloging tools, serials

TITLE: Library of Congress. CONSER Editing Guide - 1994 Edition: Contents
DESCRIPTION: "The CONSER Editing Guide (CEG) sets forth the policies, procedures, and technical guidelines to be followed within the CONSER Program."
KEYWORDS: cataloging tools, serials

TITLE: New Chinese Romanization Guidelines
DESCRIPTION: An article written by Philip Melzer and published in the Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal, it is written to facilitate the conversion of Chinese characters from the current Wade-Giles system to the pinyin system. It provides a table for Wade-Giles and pinyin romanizations.
E-MAIL: Philip Melzer,
KEYWORDS: wade giles, pinyin, romanization

TITLE: Oberlin LCRI Cumulated--Index
DESCRIPTION: "The Oberlin College Library has made available its loose-leaf updated cumulation of LCRIs, the Library of Congress rule interpretations for AACR 2, 1988 revision, and its precursors since 1982." The Web site has index to the LCRIs only. It also contains the LCRI/CSB Guide that "includes all valid LCRIs to the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules, second edition, 1988 revision, that have appeared in issues of Cataloging Service Bulletin."
KEYWORDS: lcri, aacr2

TITLE: OnLine Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. (OLAC) Web Page
DESCRIPTION: "In 1980, OLAC was founded to establish and maintain a group that could speak for catalogers of audiovisual materials. OLAC provides a means for exchange of information, continuing education, and communication among catalogers of audiovisual materials and with the Library of Congress." Its Web page includes book reviews, biennial conference reports, OLAC handbook and bylaws, recent issues of OLAC quarterly newsletter, membership form, etc.
OCLC#: 33336712
E-MAIL: Sue Neumeister, Editor, OLAC Newsletter,
KEYWORDS: audio-visual cataloging

TITLE: University of Toronto. Bibliographic Elements and Displays Project
DESCRIPTION: Determination of an appropriate, user-centred level of detail in bibliographic descriptions is a current and highly relevant topic in the area of bibliographic control.
KEYWORDS: descriptive cataloging, bibliographic description

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