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T ITLE: The Library Corporation
DESCRIPTION: The BiblioFile family of cataloging tools includes a Unicode-compliant editor with advanced Z39.50 search and filtering, label printing, and various built-in utilities, plus access to the 41 million record ITS.MARC database and an 18MB help file (Cataloger's Reference Shelf). The Library Corporation's other automation tools include authority control, data enrichment, public access catalogs, circulation, and content delivery.
KEYWORDS: library automation, cataloging, library software, OPAC

TITL E: Catalogers' Reference Shelf
DESCRIPTION: "The Cataloger's Reference Shelf, a component of the help systems in ITS for Windows and the Library. Solution integrated online library system, has recently been published in web format and is available
for free use by any cataloger with a web browser. The CRS is a collection of  21 MARC manuals and other reference works frequently accessed by technical services staff."
KEYWORDS: cataloging, library catalog system, library catalog, catalog software

TITLE: Cataloging Documentation on the Web
DESCRIPTION: All kinds of official manuals and documents on descriptive and subject cataloging, MARC formats, OCLC, and other LC resources.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, classification, subject headings, marc


TITLE: Cataloging Foreign Language Materials
DESCRIPTION: Excellent resources for cataloging foreign language materials. Amazing.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, foreign languages

TITLE: Cataloguer's Toolbox
DESCRIPTION: Home Page of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Queen Elizabeth II Library provides access to its local cataloguing tools, including Cutter-Sanborn three-figure author tables, departmental policies and procedures and production statistics, as well as resources from other Internet hosts around the world, including the Library of Congress, National Library of Canada, OCLC, and more.
KEYWORDS: cataloging

TITLE: Glossary: Cataloging and Internet Terminology
CREATOR: Northwestern University Library.
DESCRIPTION: A list of cataloging and internet terms and their meaning.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, glossary, internet

TITLE: Library of Congress. Cataloging Directorate Home Page
DESCRIPTION: The Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate now maintains a World Wide Web Home Page. Information available through this home page includes Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), lists of directorate managers; Cataloging Directorate online publications such as the "Proceedings of the Seminar on Cataloging of Digital Documents" held at the University of Virginia and the Library of Congress in October 1994; and documentation about Cataloging Directorate internal workflows, distribution policies, etc. The page also links to information from the menu "Cataloging at the Library of Congress" on the LC Gopher site LC MARVEL, including the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) Weekly Lists and back issues of LC Cataloging Newsline and CONSERline.
E-MAIL: David Williamson,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, authority maintenance

TITLE: Library of Congress. CONSER
DESCRIPTION: CONSER is a cooperative online serials cataloging program which is a source of high quality bibliographic records for serials and a promulgator of standards related to serials.
KEYWORDS: serials cataloging

TITLE: Library of Congress. MARC
DESCRIPTION: Stores USMARC proposals, discussion papers, formats documents, discussion list messages archives, etc.
E-MAIL: Rebecca Guenther,
KEYWORDS: usmarc format

TITLE: Library of Congress. MARVEL (Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library)
DESCRIPTION: It is a Campus-Wide Information System that combines the vast collection of information available about the Library, which includes documents on national standards, LC task forces, LC Subject Headings Weekly Lists, USMARC format, government information, etc. with easy access to diverse electronic resources over the Internet.
KEYWORDS: cataloging, authority maintenance

TITLE: Library of Congress Online Catalog
DESCRIPTION: "A database of approximately 12 million records representing books, serials, computer files, manuscripts, cartographic materials, music, sound recordings, and visual materials in the Library's collections. The Online Catalog also provides references, notes, circulation status, and information about materials still in the acquisitions stage."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: cataloging

TITLE: Library of Congress. Z39.50 Gateway
DESCRIPTION: "The Library of Congress offers a Web-based Z39.50 client interface to a portion of its online catalog: the Books and Name Authority files. In addition, there are Z39.50 interfaces to over 90 online catalogs and databases, outside the Library of Congress".
KEYWORDS: z39.50 catalogs

TITLE: Library of Congress. FTP Site
DESCRIPTION: Contains a great variety of large and/or binary files of electronic resources. Selected directories related to cataloging are:
pub/flicc which contains files by and about the Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC), which provides agencies cost-effective access to a number of information- or operations-support services, including online reference databases from the major vendors, online cataloging, interlibrary loan, acquisitions and serials control from bibliographic utilities, and ordering services of book jobbers and serials subscription agencies. Its CMBLS: Checklist of Microcomputer Based Library Software is a comprehensive profile for library microcomputer software products, mainly in the areas of acquisitions, cataloging, serials, circulation, and ILL.
pub/lc.access is a Public Domain software product developed at the Library of Congress to allow PC/DOS users to connect to the Library of Congress Books and Serials Catalogs via the Internet and to search for and retrieve bibliographic information.
pub/marc.test contains test files with USMARC Classification records for various classification numbers and captions and contains records in the USMARC communications format to test systems implementing format integration changes.
LOGIN: anonymous
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KEYWORDS: library of congress resources

TITLE: MIT Cataloging Oasis
DESCRIPTION: The MIT Cataloging Oasis page has been designed to provide many of the "little bits" of information catalogers need on a daily basis.
KEYWORDS: cataloging

TITLE: OCLC (Under the section of Bibliographic Utilities)
DESCRIPTION: Very comprehensive source for serials cataloging. Includes departmental cataloging policies, Jean Hirons?report: CONSER core record for printed serials, CONSER Cataloging Manual Module 3: Remote Access Computer File Serials, etc.
KEYWORDS: serial cataloging

TITLE: Using the Internet In Technical Services
DESCRIPTION: Compilation of resources for Technical Services Librarians. It is part of a workshop given in October 1999.
E-MAIL: Linda H. West,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, technical services, tools, acquisitions

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