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MARC Formats

T ITLE: The Library Corporation
DESCRIPTION: The BiblioFile family of cataloging tools includes a  Unicode-compliant editor with advanced Z39.50 search and filtering, label printing, and various built-in utilities, plus access to the 41 million record ITS.MARC database and an 18MB help file (Cataloger's Reference Shelf). The Library Corporation's other automation tools include authority control, data enrichment, public access catalogs, circulation, and content delivery.
KEYWORDS: library automation, cataloging, library software, OPAC

TITLE: Cataloging Calculator
DESCRIPTION: Provides quick assistance to those who want to locate information about a USMARC tag for bibliographic record and its examples. But it contains information about the variable data fields only.
KEYWORDS: usmarc format, marc tag


TITLE: Cataloging Cheat Sheet
DESCRIPTION: A concise description of the fixed and variable fields in USMARC. Created by: J. McRee Elrod, Updated/Corrected by: Anna Kroll, HTML version by: Charlene Hu.
KEYWORDS: usmarc format

TITLE: Catalogers' Reference Shelf
DESCRIPTION: "The Cataloger's Reference Shelf, a component of the help systems in ITS for Windows and the Library. Solution integrated online library system, has recently been published in web format and is available  for free use by any cataloger with a web browser. The CRS is a collection of  21 MARC manuals and other reference works frequently accessed by technical services staff."
KEYWORDS: cataloging, library catalog system, library catalog, catalog software

TITLE: Guidelines for Coding Electronic Resources in Leader/06
CREATOR: Library of Congress. Network Development and MARC Standards Office.
DESCRIPTION: "This document is intended to assist MARC users in deciding how to code records for electronic resources in Leader/06 (Type of record) and Computer Files 008/26 and 006/09 (Type of computer file)."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: cataloging electronic resources, type of record

TITLE: Guidelines for the Use of Field 856
CREATOR: Library of Congress. Network Development and MARC Standards Office.
DESCRIPTION: A guideline prepared by Library of Congress for applying the 856 field to electronic resources.
KEYWORDS: cataloging internet resources, url, 856 field

TITLE: Initial Definite and Indefinite Articles
DESCRIPTION: From USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data and USMARC Format for Authority Data, Appendix E, this is a list of definite and indefinite articles and the languages in which they are used alphabetically by the article.
KEYWORDS: usmarc format, initial articles, foreign languages


TITLE: Understanding MARC Bibliographic: Machine-Readable Cataloging
DESCRIPTION: Another high quality publication offered by Library of Congress, the Web version of this book covers the basic concepts of the MARC format, summary of USMARC fields and sample records.
KEYWORDS: usmarc format, marc


TITLE: USMARC Advisory Group Forum
DESCRIPTION: Is a moderated e-conference open to members of the group and anyone interesting in discussing the implementation, maintenance, and development of the USMARC formats. Sponsored by LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office.
NOTE: Monthly archives
KEYWORDS: usmarc format

TITLE: USMARC Format for Authority Data: Field List
DESCRIPTION: This document notes the changes contained in the updates of the USMARC Format for Authority Data.
KEYWORDS: usmarc format

TITLE: USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data: Field List
DESCRIPTION: This document notes the changes contained in the updates of the USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data.
KEYWORDS: usmarc format

TITLE: Winship, Douglas. A Guide to Looking at Marc Records Online.
DESCRIPTION: Shows how MARC records look online.
E-MAIL: Douglas Winship,
KEYWORDS: usmarc format

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