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Subject Cataloging and Classification

TITLE: ALCTS/CCS/SAC Subcommittee on Form Headings/Subdivisions Implementation, 1996-
DESCRIPTION: A collection of documents for the implementation of form subdivisions, such as the ALA Educational Forum: LCSH and subfield v, David Miller's Response to "Is All of This Worth It?", LC Reports on Form/Genre Implementation, etc.
E-MAIL: Arlene G. Taylor,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, subject headings, form subdivisions

TITLE: Application of MeSH for Medical Catalogers
CREATOR: U.S. National Library of Medicine.
DESCRIPTION: A guide for medical catalogers to construct MeSH and apply form and topical subdivisions.
KEYWORDS: medical subject headings, mesh

TITL E: Catalogers' Reference Shelf
DESCRIPTION: "The Cataloger's Reference Shelf, a component of the help systems in ITS for Windows and the Library. Solution integrated online library system, has recently been published in web format and is available  for free use by any cataloger with a web browser. The CRS is a collection of  21 MARC manuals and other reference works frequently accessed by technical services staff."
KEYWORDS: cataloging, library catalog system, library catalog, catalog software

TITLE: Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)
DESCRIPTION: The Dewey home page contains current information on the Dewey Decimal Classification.
E-MAIL:, Joan S. Mitchell,
KEYWORDS: dewey classification scheme

TITLE: Guide to the Usage of LCSH Free-Floating Form Subdivisions
DESCRIPTION: Compiled by Vianne Sha at the University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries, this list includes guidelines on the usage of the LCSH free-floating form subdivisions. The guidelines are collected from the LC Subject Cataloging Manual.
KEYWORDS: lc subject headings, free floating, form subdivisions

TITLE: How Many Subdivisions Represent the Form of an Item? Results of a Research Study
DESCRIPTION: A study to see how easy or hard it is to convert $x to $v automatically and the problems arise from the process.
E-MAIL: Arlene G. Taylor,
KEYWORDS: cataloging, subject headings, form subdivisions

TITLE: LC Classification Outline, 6th Edition: Contents
DESCRIPTION: Lists the outline of Library of Congress Classification Schedules, including the class numbers in the first sub-level.
KEYWORDS: lcsh, library of congress classification

TITLE: LC Contact People -- Decimal classification
DESCRIPTION: Library of Congress contact e-mail address for Dewey Decimal Classification issues.
KEYWORDS: ddc classification scheme

TITLE: LC Cutter Tables
DESCRIPTION: The LC cutter tables on the QTECH Web site. Includes Basic, P - Class, Biography, and Translation tables.
KEYWORDS: lc classification scheme, cutter tables

TITLE: LCSH/DDC Numbers of Current Interest
DESCRIPTION: "This list of LC subject headings is selected from recent Weekly Lists accompanied by candidate DDC numbers from Edition 21. The purpose of the list is to provide classifier assistance for topics of recent interest not mentioned explicitly in Edition 21."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: lcsh, library of congress subject headings, ddc, dewey classification

TITLE: Library of Congress Classification. Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc. KF & QA Indexes
DESCRIPTION: Additional indexes created by Special Libraries Cataloguing, Inc. (British Columbia, Canada) for LC schedules.
KEYWORDS: lc classification scheme, kf, qa

TITLE: Library of Congress Classification System
DESCRIPTION: Allows browsing of call number ranges on the World Wide Web.
E-MAIL: Matt T. Rosenberg,
KEYWORDS: lc classification scheme

TITLE: Library of Congress Cutter Table
DESCRIPTION: The LC cutter tables, including adding cutters for translation titles, etc., on the Nebraska Library Commission Web site.
KEYWORDS: lc classification scheme, cutter tables

TITLE: Library of Congress Subject Headings - Principles of Structure and Policies for Application: Contents
DESCRIPTION: Contains Introduction to LCSH, Principles of Heading Construction, Policies for Assigning Subject Headings, and Reference Source Documents.
KEYWORDS: lcsh, library of congress subject headings

TITLE: Nebraska Library Commission. Cataloging Services. Library of Congress Cutter Table
DESCRIPTION: The LC cutter table with additional interpretation information by Nebraska Library Commission.
E-MAIL: Kimberly Shelley,
KEYWORDS: lc classification scheme, cutter table

TITLE: NLM Classification Practices
DESCRIPTION: States NLM's general classification approach using the National Library of Medicine's and the Library of Congress's schedules.
KEYWORDS: nlm classification scheme

TITLE: NLM Classification: Table G
DESCRIPTION: "Table G is a system of notations that provides geographical or jurisdictional arrangement of materials under specific class numbers in the NLM Classification. The use of Table G permits a shelving order which is controlled geographically and alphabetically. Table G is applied only when a class number heading is annotated by "(Table G)." When LC Classification numbers are used, the geographical breakdown or tables provided in the LC schedules are applied."
KEYWORDS: nlm classification scheme, table g

TITLE: OCLC Special Report: Four-Figure Cutter Tables
CREATOR: O'Neill, Edward T.
DESCRIPTION: A report on OCLC's expanded cutter tables and how they can help eliminate some of the manual processing required to complete call numbers in Dewey classes with extensive holdings.
CONTRIBUTORS: Lavoie, Brian F. ; Young, Jeffrey A. ; McClain, Patrick D.
KEYWORDS: dewey classification, ddc, cutter tables

TITLE: Outline of the Library of Congress Classification
DESCRIPTION: A list of main classes and sub-classes for the LC Classification Schedules, more detailed numbers than other listings are provided.
KEYWORDS: lc, library of congress, classification outline

TITLE: Subject Cataloging: Free-Floating Subject Subdivisions
DESCRIPTION: A list of LCSH free-floating subdivisions with brief application notes. 
KEYWORDS: lcsh subdivisions

TITLE: Subject Headings Weekly Lists
DESCRIPTION: Current Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly Lists.
KEYWORDS: library of congress subject headings

TITLE: Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I: Subject Terms (TGM I)
DESCRIPTION: "A thesaurus consisting of 5,500 terms and numerous cross references indexing visual materials. TGM I terms may be searched directly or browsed in alphabetical order."
KEYWORDS: subject headings, graphic materials

TITLE: U.S. Board on Geographic Names. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
DESCRIPTION: "Contains information about almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States. The Federally recognized name of each feature described in the data base is identified, and references are made to a feature's location by State, county, and geographic coordinates. The GNIS is our Nation's official repository of domestic geographic names information. Information about foreign geographic feature names can be obtained from the GEOnet Names Server."
KEYWORDS: subject headings, geographic names

TITLE: Understanding Call Numbers
DESCRIPTION: This page provides an introduction to understanding and using library call numbers. Quite neat!
KEYWORDS: call numbers

TITLE: Use of #v Subfield for Form Subdivisions in Subject Headings
DESCRIPTION: Compiled by University of Southern Mississippi Libraries, this is a list of form subdivisions that will be implemented by Library of Congress starting November 1, 1998. Check the terms on this list against the Free-Floating Subdivisions: an Alphabetical Index before using. This is not the official list of the form subdivisions.
KEYWORDS: lc subject headings, form subdivisions

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