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Guidelines for Cataloging Internet Resources

Cataloging Priorities:

  • Organize and catalog Internet resources owned and maintained by the local system.
  • Organize and catalog significant research materials that have strong interests for the local patrons.
  • Organize and catalog significant tools that can improve reference services.
  • Organize and catalog significant tools that can update the knowledge and improve the skills of the library staff.

Cataloging Policies:

  • Internet resources are divided into two types:
    1. Systems and services, including all directories and subdirectories that contain more than one single bibliographic entity.
    2. Individual directories, subdirectories, and files that contain only one single bibliographic entity.
  • Catalog #1 as open monographs.
  • Catalog #2 resources as serials if they are electronic serials and if the individual documents show intention of future updates (eg. ver. 1.0); catalog other A2 resources as monographs.
  • If the location of the electronic resources tend to change frequently, catalog only the systems and services, indicating specific directories and/or files on $3 of each 856 field.
  • Catalog all versions (such as HTML, ASCII) of the electronic documents on one record (should be serial record mostly), using separate 856 fields for different versions. Use "=" sign in field 250 or field 362 to record the different edition or version statement. Make a note to explain the numbering peculiarities.
         250 Version 3.1 = HTML version 1.0
         362 0 Version 1.0-
         515 Version 3.1- also issued as HTML version 1.0-
  • If both the system/server and an individual directory/file are cataloged, include either fields 580 and 773 with first indicator 1 or field 773 with first indicator 0 in the record for the individual directory or file.
  • If the resource exists in multiple physical formats and both formats are cataloged, record the additional formats in fields 530 and 776. If only one format is cataloged, use only a 530 note field to provide information on the additional physical format.
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