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Computer Dictionaries

TITLE: Acronym Finder
CREATOR: Mountain Data Systems.
DESCRIPTION: Look up more than 89,000 acronyms and meanings. "A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: acronyms, computer, technology, telecommunication, military

TITLE: CNET: The Computer Network: Glossary
DESCRIPTION: List definition of computer terms in alphabetical order.
KEYWORDS: computer dictionary

TITLE: Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms: Online Resource
DESCRIPTION: "This comprehensive dictionary provides complete descriptions of complex terms in two of the most volatile and interesting areas of computer development: personal computers and networks. It contains up-to-date information about everything from a common item ... to an obscure font technology...." A searchable form is provided for keyword searching.
AUTHOR: Mitchell Shnier.
KEYWORDS: computer, network, dictionary

TITLE: The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
DESCRIPTION: "The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC) is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architectures, operating systems, networking, theory, mathematics, telecoms, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything to do with computing. It aims to provide a one-stop source of information about all computing terms and includes many useful cross-references to other entries and to related resources elsewhere on the Internet, as well as bibliographical reference to paper publications. It currently lacks many entries which one can find in paper computing dictionaries but contains more encyclopedia-like entries on subjects such as current hardware and software products, companies and institutions."--About. A very good one of its kind.
CONTACT: Feedback
KEYWORDS: computer dictionary

TITLE: The Freeware Hall of Fame: Acronyms Used in the Computer Community
DESCRIPTION: This is a list translating those strange acronyms appear in cyberspace messages.
E-MAIL: Rey Barry,
KEYWORDS: computer acronyms, abbreviations

TITLE: Glossary of Internet Terms
CREATOR: Howe, Walt.
DESCRIPTION: Terms and definitions for the Internet.
KEYWORDS: internet, glossary, dictionary

TITLE: Image File Formats List
DESCRIPTION: This document contains a list of many of the most common image file formats. It also contains information about what conversion filter(s) support each format. Included filters are pbmplus, SGI image tools, Utah Rasterfile Toolkit, Image Magick, imconv, xv, JPEG Software, PhotoShop, and DeBabelizer. Others will follow.
PUBLISHER: Center for Innovative Computer Applications.
KEYWORDS: computer image file formats

TITLE: Movie File Formats List
DESCRIPTION: This document contains a list of many of the most common movie file formats and links to movie file specs. It also contains information about programs which support each format. These programs are generally separated into encoders (which take a sequence of image files and make a movie out of them), decoders (which take a movie and produce a series of image files from it), and players (which let you view and/or edit movies).
PUBLISHER: Center for Innovative Computer Applications.
KEYWORDS: computer movie file formats

TITLE: OneLook Dictionaries: the Faster Finder
DESCRIPTION: An index to computer dictionaries on the Internet. It searches the terms and returns the links to the dictionaries that have the terms. Fast and convenient.
KEYWORDS: computer dictionaries index

TITLE: PC Webopaedia
DESCRIPTION: "Online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: computer dictionary

DESCRIPTION: Definition of computer and information-related terms.
KEYWORDS: computer, network, internet, information, dictionary

TITLE: The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server
DESCRIPTION: Search for an acronym and see its full form.
E-MAIL: Peter Flynn,
KEYWORDS: computer, network, internet, acronyms, abbreviations



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