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Phone Books

CREATOR: Terret, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: A quick way to find area code for a particular city or get the location by searching the area code in the United States and Canada.
KEYWORDS: area codes, united states, canada

DESCRIPTION: Search for e-mail, home page, fax, and toll free number information for people and businesses. Has over 90 million entries. Anybody shows up on the telephone directories can be found here.
E-MAIL: Tyler Jones,
KEYWORDS: personal and business directories

TITLE: Big Book
DESCRIPTION: Business directory for companies in the United States. Searchable by business name, location, and/or category. Listings include address, phone number, and a street map showing the business' location. Listings can also be added to your private Book in the Big Book site.
KEYWORDS: business directories

TITLE: Bigfoot
DESCRIPTION: Provides search engine for e-mail addresses, white pages, yellow pages, and advanced directory searches. It works better than Four11 in locating people of educational institutions.
KEYWORDS: e-mail address, personal, business, institution

TITLE: Canada 411
DESCRIPTION: Canadian phone directory system for people and organizations, with over 10 million listings, including phone numbers, address, and postal codes.
KEYWORDS: canadian resident and business directories

TITLE: Switchboard
DESCRIPTION: Look up over 90 million names and get fast response to addresses, phone numbers, and personalized updates. Even send email to registered users. Find over 10 million businesses across the U.S.A. for free. Whether or not they're on the web. Register with Switchboard to personalize your listing for free.
KEYWORDS: business directories

TITLE: WhoWhere
CREATOR: WhoWhere, Inc., a Lycos Company.
DESCRIPTION: Find e-mail addresses in over 10 million e-mail listings, and 1.5 million registered users; search phones and addresses through 80 million U.S. residential listings; look up Companies Online Web and email addresses; and locate personal home pages, U.S. government pages, and much more.
KEYWORDS: e-mail address, phone number, personal and business

TITLE: Yahoo! People Search
DESCRIPTION: Formerly Four11, this site provides searching capability for people's e-mail address, business' phone number, address, and link to a street map of the company. Search by regions, business names, or types of business. Registered users will get a password to access more information on the white page listing. They will be listed in the white page too.
KEYWORDS: e-mail address, personal, business directories and maps


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