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Zip Codes

TITLE: Canada411
DESCRIPTION: Search a person or a business name and the "area code, phone number, title ( in business listings only, e.g., Dr.), first name and initial, last name, address, city/town, province, and postal code" will be displayed. "The address information in the Canada411 database is based on information that a person or business provides to the phone company for the printed residential white and Yellow Pages."--FAQ.
KEYWORDS: canadian postal codes, phone book

TITLE: Canadian Postal Code Lookup Service
DESCRIPTION: "Using the form to enter the full Street Address, City, and Province for the Canadian mailing address you want to find. If the program is successful in uniquely identifying the address, it will be returned to you standardized to meet Canada Post's criteria for Address Accuracy. The program will correct street and city mis-spellings, and will correct or add street types and directionals, as well as Postal Codes. If it finds multiple addresses, they will all be returned by the program." It claims that the source of information is from "Canada Post data-base of postal codes"--Understanding Address & Postal Code Correction, and is supplied to Westminster each month.
E-MAIL: Westminster International,
KEYWORDS: canadian postal codes

TITLE: Codici di Avviamento Postale Italiani = Italian ZIP Codes
DESCRIPTION: Provides a searchable form for postal zip codes for cities in Italy. Site in Italian.
E-MAIL: Francesco Benevento,
KEYWORDS: italian zip codes, postal codes

TITLE: Les codes postaux des villes fran�aises = French Postal Codes
DESCRIPTION: Provides postal codes for every city in France, searchable by the name of the cities. Wildcard search is available. Site in French.
KEYWORDS: french postal codes

TITLE: ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information (USPS)
DESCRIPTION: Find zip code for a particular address or find out what cities and zip codes are associated with each other, and find the official abbreviations for mail.
PUBLISHER: United States Postal Service
KEYWORDS: united states zip codes, postal codes



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