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Ariadne - the Web Version "The Ariadne newsletter is aimed initially at subject librarians and other working librarians in academic libraries, though many people in the UK Higher Education and LIS communities will find items of interest within it. The newsletter has two main aims: It describes and evaluates sources and services available on the Internet, and of potential use, to librarians and information professionals. It reports to the library community at large on progress and developments within the Electronic Libraries Programme, and of JISC-funded and other information services, keeping the busy practitioner abreast of current relevant developments."--Title screen. Full text   electronic library, internet
Current Cites An annotated monthly bibliography of selected articles, books, and electronic documents on information technology edited by Teri Andrews Rinne. Searchable index for all back issues. "Over 30 journals in librarianship and computer technology are scanned for selected articles on electronic publishing, multimedia and hypermedia, computer networks and networking, and optical disc technology." Full text, searchable Editor: Teri Andrews Rinne, information technology
Database Covers all aspects information technology. Table of contents, searchable   information technology
D-Lib Magazine "Offers users a unique opportunity to access discussions of current digital library research, advanced development, and implementation; news about projects; pointers to useful sites; and to participate in ongoing debates. D-Lib is sponsored by the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) task group of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) program." The magazine is free, but subscription is encouraged. Full text digital library, electronic journal
Ejournal "An Electronic Journal concerned with the implications of electronic networks and texts." Full text, searchable, 1991-1996   electronic publishing, etext
The Electronic Library Covers all aspects of electronic resources, digital library, and librarianship. Table of contents, abstracts, searchable   library, information technology
Infoisis Covers information management and library automation issues. Abstracts, searchable, 1995-1996   library automation, europe
Information Technology & Libraries Articles on information technology specific to the library field. Table of contents, selective abstracts, searchable   library science, information technology
INFOSYS A biweekly electronic newsletter for faculty, students, and practitioners in the field of Information Systems. INFOSYS publishes news items, requests for assistance, calls for papers announcements of professional meetings and conferences, position announcements, journal table of contents, and other items of interest to the Information Systems community. subscribe infosys {Firstname Lastname} Editor: Dennis W. Viehland, information systems
Internet-on-a-Disk A free newsletter of electronic texts and Internet trends. Full text   electronic publishing, etext, internet
Interpersonal Computing and Technology (IPCT-J) An electronic journal welcomes submission of articles about information technologies. Full text, abstracts, and table of contents. Also available through e-mail subscribe IPCT-L {Firstname Lastname}. Editor: Susan Barnes, library science, information technology
IRList Digest News, reviews, and articles on digital library and library automation. Full text Nancy Gusack, library automation
Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship Published quarterly, "ISTL publishes substantive material of interest to science and technology librarians. It serves as a vehicle for sci-tech librarians to share details of successful programs, materials for the delivery of information services, background information and opinions on topics of current interest, to publish research and bibliographies on issues in science and technology libraries, and to communicate in more depth than the STS-L mailing list."--Title screen. Full text   library science, information technology
The Journal of Electronic Publishing Emphasizes on the broader issues that shapes policy, and on professional, scientific or academic publishing, both books and journals. Full text   electronic publishing
Library Hi-Tech Articles on library technology and automation. Abstracts Michael Seadle library science, information technology
Library Journal Digital Covers all aspects of library services. "LJDigital is an electronic offshoot of Library Journal"--About. Online subscription is available. Provides InfoTech News, WebWatch, Book News, etc. Table of contents, full text for current issue and archives of Digital Libraries column   library science
Online Covers electronic resources, information services, and related issues. Table of contents, searchable   information technology, internet
Online and CDROM Review Provides news, reviews, and articles on CD-ROMs, databases, and electronic resources. Table of contents, abstracts, searchable   online, cd-rom, review
PC Week Covers popular issues about personal computers, computing news, and lab tests on hardware and software products. Full text, searchable   library automation



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