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Library Journals: Miscellaneous

Asian Libraries "The only region-specific title for library and information professionals. The journal's core focus is the development of the field of Information Management in Asia. Specific areas it covers are: new information technology, education and training, human resource management, the changing role of the library, future developments and opportunities."--Title screen. Table of contents MCB University Press, asia library, information technology
The Australian Library Journal Discuss everything related to libraries in Australia. Abstracts John Levett, australian library
Chinese Librarianship:
an International Electronic Journal

"The CLIEJ is a peer-reviewed e-journal. It focuses on the practical aspect of Chinese librarianship the world over. It publishes articles written by Chinese librarians, information scientists and library school faculty and students, as well as by librarians and information professionals of other nationalities on issues related to serving patrons with Chinese materials. It also reports any major development of Chinese librarianship throughout the world."--Supplied by editor. Full text Webmaster chinese librarianship, electronic journals
FindLaw: Law Journals Provides access to law journals and law reviews on the Internet. Mostly full text   legal electronic journals
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources Provides brief description and links to medical related electronic journals and newsletters. Keyword, country, region indexes, searchable   medical electronic journals
WebMedLit Provides "efficient access to the best medical journals on the web."--Title screen. Table of contents, abstracts, searchable medical electronic journals



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