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DESCRIPTION: Share information on archives and archivists.
KEYWORDS: archives

DESCRIPTION: "The purpose of the list is to exchange ideas on the social, technical, and legal issues in doing large scale digital archiving, such as the Internet Archive. Copyright, privacy, terabyte storage systems, idea for new collections, results from existing projects, dreams, and fears are the subject of this list." Archives are available.
INSTRUCTION: subscribe ARCHIVISTS {your e-mail address}
E-MAIL: Brewster Kahle,
KEYWORDS: digital archives

TITLE: Bookbinding
DESCRIPTION: "This list is open to anyone with answers and questions about bookbinding, with and emphasis on hand bookbinding. The topics welcomed on this list have to pertain to the historical, the technical, the esthetical aspects of the trade. Posters are encouraged to participate by sharing their knowledge in the art of bookbinding."--ONElist.
KEYWORDS: bookbinding

TITLE: Conservation DistList
DESCRIPTION: Information on conservation issues.
INSTRUCTION: subscribe consdist
REQUIRE: Fill out a survey to join the list
KEYWORDS: preservation

DESCRIPTION: An electronic news and discussion group for those interested in rare books, manuscripts, special collections, and librarianship in special collections.
KEYWORDS: rare books, special collections

DESCRIPTION: A moderated internet discussion forum on the History of Library and Information Science. It is open to anyone with a mature and abiding interest in the interdisciplinary study of libraries and information broadly construed to include literacy and reading, print culture, libraries and archives, computerization and automation, information retrieval and documentation, and electronic information and communication. The H-LIS electronic discussion group and Web site will consider all geographic regions and time periods in an effort to enhance understanding and interpretation of the LIS past. Although there are other electronic discussion lists targeted to librarians, information scientists, and archivists, H-LIS provides a central resource for the organization and dissemination of material related to the history and culture of LIS. As such, its audience includes not only librarians, information scientists and archivists but also historians interested in a wide variety of information-related topics.
INSTRUCTION: sub H-LIS {Firstname Lastname, Institution}
E-MAIL: Suzanne Hildenbrand, lishilde@ACSU.Buffalo.EDU
KEYWORDS: history, library science

DESCRIPTION: A forum for discussing special requirements for processing rare books; initial discussion focused on the LA RBG survey - Rare books cataloguing in the British Isles. Monthly archives are available.
INSTRUCTION: subscribe lis-rarebooks {Firstname Lastname}
E-MAIL: Michael Smallman,
KEYWORDS: rare books

TITLE: RareBooks-L
DESCRIPTION: "A discussion list for those interested in the discussion of rare books and periodicals. This list is aimed primarily at publications connected to history and genealogy, although related publications, such as folklore or books our ancestors might have owned (e.g., the writings of James Whitcomb Riley) are welcome. While leads to purchases and discussion of sales between contributors is not forbidden, this is not a list for commercial businesses to advertise their wares."
INSTRUCTION: sub RareBooks-L {Firstname Lastname}
E-MAIL: Larry Stephens,
KEYWORDS: rare books

DESCRIPTION: History of the printed word.
KEYWORDS: rare books



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