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General Resources

No tool is all-inclusive for e-mail lists and newsgroups and many Web pages have out-of-date subscription addresses. However, the following tools provide a place for starting research.
TITLE: Kabacoff, Rob. Inter-Links: Discussion Resources
DESCRIPTION: Provides information on mailing lists, Usenet News, Internet Relay Chat, etc.
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists, newsgroups, irc, talkers

TITLE: Kovacs, Diane. Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
DESCRIPTION: Very comprehensive. Provide much more detail than other tools. It is also quite up-to-date.
E-MAIL: Diane Kovacs,
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists

TITLE: Library-Oriented Lists and Periodicals
DESCRIPTION: This web document is a compilation of electronic discussion lists, distribution lists and electronic serials which are of interest to library professionals and staff. It is intended to assist the user of networked information resources by: 1) providing the names and addresses of the selected electronic lists and serials; 2) giving brief directions for obtaining access to these resources; and 3) providing a subject index to the resources.
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists, library

TITLE: LISZT: Directory of E-mail Discussion Groups
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be "the world's largest directory of mailing lists (by a long shot!)-- 24,766 listserv, listproc, majordomo and independently managed lists from 615 sites." Search by word or phrase. Description for each list is quite brief.
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists

TITLE: New-List
CREATOR: Internet Scout Project.
DESCRIPTION: Founded in January of 1989 by Marty Hoag at North Dakota State University and then brought under the Internet Scout Project on July 1, 1998, New-List posts new mailing lists announcements.
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists

TITLE: Selected Canadian Discussion Lists
DESCRIPTION: Contains the names of Canadian electronic discussion lists related to libraries, networking and information technology and their subscription address.
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists, library, information technology, canada

TITLE: Stephanie da Silva. Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
DESCRIPTION: "This is a list of mailing lists available primarily through the Internet and the UUCP network."
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists

TITLE: TILE.NET/Lists: the reference to Internet discussion groups
DESCRIPTION: Includes Alphabetical listing by description, name, subject; Grouped by host country and sponsoring organization, and Most popular (1000+ members). Provides detail subscription information for each e-mail list.
KEYWORDS: e-mail lists


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