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This section contains some major sites that cover more than two areas of library and information science and those that the author thinks worth mentioning because of the quality, organization, currency, or comprehensiveness of the sites. It does not include any sites that are listed in the sub-section of Internet Search Tools.

DESCRIPTION: The Acquisitions Librarians Electronic Network is the most all-inclusive acquisitions site around, with links to hundreds of publishers, vendors, verification and collection development tools. Also contains the Ms. Acquisitions forum which contains "Web news for Acquiring minds". It is growing rapidly and includes far more than acquisitions, serials, and collection development resources.
E-MAIL: Anna Belle Leiserson,
KEYWORDS: technical services, library resources

TITLE: BUBL Information Service
DESCRIPTION: "A national information service for the higher education community" in United Kingdom. It contains Internet resources by subjects, provides links to full text, abstracts, and table of contents of the electronic journals, information on e-mail lists and archives, etc.
KEYWORDS: internet resources, subject guides

TITLE: Document Translation Services
DESCRIPTION: Translation services and document translation services from any language into any other languages. We specialize in legal document translations.
KEYWORDS: legal document translation services thank you for your consideration!

TITLE: The Internet Public Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains many information resources such as Reference, Exhibits, Especially For Librarians, Magazines and Serials, Newspapers, Online Texts, Web Searching, Teen, Youth, etc. collections.
KEYWORDS: library resources, subject guides

TITLE: Internet School Library Media Center
DESCRIPTION: Contains library-related resources mainly for school librarians in the following categories: Art Education, Awards, Commercial Publishers, Copyright, Elem. Language Arts, Holocaust Resources, Library/Media, Mathematics, Middle & Sec. English, Networking, Online Full E-texts, Professional Organizations, Professional Publications, Reference Sources, Science, Selection Aids, Social Studies, Technology, Television, Virginia Resources, Virginia SOLs, Kids Stuff, Needle in a Cyberstack.
E-MAIL: Inez L. Ramsey,
KEYWORDS: school library resources

TITLE: The Library of Congress
DESCRIPTION: Provides comprehensive documents and links to library services, standards, and research tools. An excellent resource for all library fields.
KEYWORDS: library services, research tools, standards

TITLE: State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Library Resource List
DESCRIPTION: A compilation of many useful links to resources of interest to librarians. The table of contents is well organized and there appears to be an especially good compilation of links to reference resources. Select "Professional information" for library resources.
KEYWORDS: library resources, subject guides

TITLE: Technical Processing Online Tools (TPOT)
DESCRIPTION: This is still the best organized Web site for technical services resources. It has gradually added more resources on other library-related Internet resources such as Intranet. It also has many links to internal departmental policies and documents for technical services.
E-MAIL: George J. Janczyn
KEYWORDS: technical services, library resources

TITLE: Top 200 Technical Services Benefits of Home Page Development
DESCRIPTION: In addition to listing of technical services resources on Internet, this site provides many reasons/advantages on why librarians should get involve with Web pages.
E-MAIL: Barbara Stewart
KEYWORDS: technical services, library resources



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