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Government Agencies (US)

TITLE: Department of Defense. DefenseLink
DESCRIPTION: Provides information on all kinds of military and defense activities under the Department, and links to divisions under the Department of Defense.
KEYWORDS: government, defense, army, navy, air force

TITLE: The Federal Web Locator
DESCRIPTION: "he Federal Web Locator is a service provided by the Center for Information Law and Policy and is intended to be the one stop shopping point for federal government information on the World Wide Web."--Title screen. Government agencies can be found by searching agency names or browsing the government branches. Excellent resource.
E-MAIL: Lori Hallman,
KEYWORDS: federal government

TITLE: GovBot: Database of Government Web Sites
DESCRIPTION: "The CIIR GovBot has gathered 535,391 (the number keeps increasing) web pages from U.S. Government and Military sites around the country."--Title screen. Government Web sites can be searched by keywords and search can be limited to title and URL fields.
KEYWORDS: government, military

TITLE: Internal Revenue Service
DESCRIPTION: The official Web site for Internal Revenue Service contains information on: tax news, tax information, tax forms and publications, taxpayers help services, etc.
KEYWORDS: internal revenue service

TITLE: National Aeronautics & Space Administration
DESCRIPTION: Contains information on frequently asked questions about NASA, hot topics, multimedia gallery, NASA television, etc.
KEYWORDS: National Aeronautics & Space Administration

TITLE: Social Security Online
DESCRIPTION: The official Web site for Social Security Administration contains information on: social security's news and benefits, facts and figures, forms, freedom of information, several how to procedures, international programs, laws and regulations, services for the businesses community, and social security's regional pages, etc.
KEYWORDS: social security administration

TITLE: U.S. Federal Government Agencies
DESCRIPTION: A list of federal agencies on the Internet.
KEYWORDS: federal government

TITLE: Yahoo:Government:U.S. States
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to state government Internet resources in all 50 U.S. states.
KEYWORDS: state government

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