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TITLE: Government Documents Displays: A Tutorial and Clearinghouse
DESCRIPTION: "A clearinghouse and tutorial for federal depository libraries on promotional displays and exhibits."--Supplied by creator.
E-MAIL: Mark McCullough,
KEYWORDS: government document displays

DESCRIPTION: All Internet and dial-in users can now receive electronically, at no charge, the full text of the Federal Register, Congressional Record, Congressional Bills and other Federal Government information. Documents are also available for download from numerous Federal agencies. Users can also identify Federal Government information available at or through any of 1,400 Federal Depository Libraries located throughout the country (including the Monthly Catalog), information for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, and information published by the U.S. Congress, Federal agencies and the Federal courts.
Telnet access: login as "guest"
Dial-in access: 202/512-1661; modem setting is "8N1/full duplex"; type "swais"; login as "guest"
KEYWORDS: federal publications

TITLE: Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Administration
DESCRIPTION: Contains the Item Lister which can create an online list of a depository library's item number selection profile, the Shipping Lists in dbf files, Shipping List Label Service, the Needs and Offers List, the link to Locate Regional Depository Libraries by State, PURL Search Form, and the Internet Information Product Notification Form for federal agency information officers, librarians, and Webmasters.
E-MAIL: GPO Access User Support Team, ; GPO Library Programs Service, Electronic Transition Staff,
KEYWORDS: depository libraries

TITLE: Governement Information Locator Service (GILS)
DESCRIPTION: "GILS identifies and describes information resources throughout the Federal government, and provides assistance in obtaining the information. GILS supplements other government and commercial information dissemination mechanisms, and uses international standards for information search and retrieval so that information can be retrieved in a variety of ways."--What is GILS? The site helps users to locate federal government information resources by providing description of the resources, further contact information, and maybe direct links to the resources.
KEYWORDS: federal government, gils

TITLE: IRS Forms and Publications
DESCRIPTION: Contains IRS forms and publications, instructions, tax laws, and links to state tax forms and other important tax related sites. Publications can be searched and downloaded. Require Adobe Acrobat Reader for printing the forms.
E-MAIL: e-mail and survey
KEYWORDS: irs forms, internal revenue services publications

TITLE: NAL's Federal Depository Library Program
DESCRIPTION: Contains "Frequently asked questions about the National Agricultural Library's participation in the Federal Depository Library Program, Electronic Federal Depository Library Program, GPO Access, Links to U.S. Government Information Sources, and Resources of Use to Government Documents Librarians."
E-MAIL: Julie Mangin,
KEYWORDS: federal publications

TITLE: StateList: The Electronic Source for State Publication Lists
DESCRIPTION: "This site provides links to state publication checklists and shipping lists from 28 states that are currently available on the Internet."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: depository library, shipping lists

TITLE: Superintendent of Documents' Home Page on the U.S. Government Printing Office Web Site
DESCRIPTION: "Locate and download electronic information from numerous Federal agencies. Identify Federal Government information available at or through any of 1,400 Federal Depository Libraries located throughout the country. Find the nearest U.S. Government Bookstore or connect to the electronic Consumer Information Catalog."
E-MAIL: GPO Access User Support Team,
KEYWORDS: federal publications

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