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TITLE: Electronic Frontier Foundation
DESCRIPTION: "A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information in new media."--Welcome page.
KEYWORDS: freedom of information on internet

TITLE: Learn the Internet
DESCRIPTION: A handy site for learning how to use Internet. Topics include major Internet protocols, directory assistance, search tools, conferencing, planning and designing Internet sites, networking policies, etc.
KEYWORDS: internet, network computing

TITLE: Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder
DESCRIPTION: A site with very special arrangement and very broad coverage. It contains Needle Navigator which includes the main subjects for doing research on the Internet, the Very Best sites for library and educational research, Multi-search Tools, Search Engines, and Directories and Guides.
KEYWORDS: internet search tools, library and research information

TITLE: PC Helps Internet Newsletter
DESCRIPTION: "The PC Helps Internet Newsletter is geared to new users to help them get the most out of their Internet Surfing."--Announcement on New-List. The Newsletter contains: monthly picked interesting Internet sites, personal Internet experiences, Q & A section, and networking section which posts goods and services for others in the group to use.
INSTRUCTION: subscribe PC HELPS in the subject line and {Firstname Lastname} in the body of the message.
E-MAIL: Mason Deever,
KEYWORDS: internet forum

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TITLE: Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
DESCRIPTION: "Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) software lets you create electronic documents from a wide range of authoring tools to share across different computer platforms. Simply "print" files in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Now you can distribute your documents over the broadest selection of electronic media, including the World Wide Web, e-mail, Lotus Notes(R), corporate networks, CD-ROMs, and print-on-demand systems. Send a PDF file and a free copy of Acrobat Reader to Macintosh(R), Windows(R), DOS, or UNIX(R) users, and they can view or print the document with the hardware and software they already have."
KEYWORDS: viewer, software, acrobat

TITLE: DaveCentral Shareware Archive
DESCRIPTION: Contains Linux and Windows software archives and brief description of each program.
KEYWORDS: shareware software

TITLE: Info-Mac HyperArchive
CREATOR: MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.
DESCRIPTION: "The HyperArchive page is the root of a hypertext subtree containing a mirror of the Sumex Info-Mac archives for the Macintosh."--About.
KEYWORDS: macintosh software

TITLE: Oakland University. OAK Software Repository
DESCRIPTION: Serving as a mirror of the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm). Very big. Searchable.
KEYWORDS: software repository

TITLE: Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List
DESCRIPTION: "The CWSApps List is the ultimate one-stop download site for the latest and greatest software on the Internet. Comprehensive file listings, ratings, and extensive reviews for the hottest Windows 3.x/95/NT applications are just a few of the many goodies to be found on this site."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: shareware software


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