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TITLE: Alta Vista
DESCRIPTION: Currently the largest, fastest, and most sophisticated search engine, index 10 billion words, 21 million Web pages, and full text index of over 13,000 news groups. Able to choose to search the Web or the Usenet, with several display formats. Excellent online help for searching phrases.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, alta vista

TITLE: Excite
DESCRIPTION: Search Web pages, reviews, Usenet, and classified ads. Also provides access to City.Net. Free copy of the search engine is available for download.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, excite

TITLE: Inference Find
DESCRIPTION: "An Internet search tool that calls out in parallel all the best search engines, merges the results, removes redundancies, clusters the hits into neat understandable groupings, and returns [it to the users]."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, infind

TITLE: Infoseek
DESCRIPTION: Index Web pages, Gopher & FTP sites, 2 weeks of news groups, FAQs. Provides Cross-References in search results -- "Similar Pages" will perform another search for similar terms found in the document.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, infoseek guide

TITLE: Inktomi's Hot Bot
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be most complete Web index online, which indexes 110 million Web documents.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, inktomi, hot bot

TITLE: The Internet Sleuth
DESCRIPTION: Search the contents of over 2,000 databases by keyword; just enter queries in convenient forms for a variety of popular search engines; alternatively, browse pre-selected categories (many of which contain additional search forms). "The Sleuth maintains an index of searchable databases, most of which can be searched directly from The Sleuth, simplifying the search for information."--About The Internet Sleuth.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, internet sleuth

TITLE: Ixquick Metasearch
DESCRIPTION: A powerful metasearch engine, forwarding your search to top search engines and returning the best results by finding sites that appear in multiple top ten lists for your query. Advanced boolean and natural language search capabilities.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, ixquick

TITLE: Lycos: The Catalog of the Internet
DESCRIPTION: "New and improved, Lycos provides short descriptions, based on header information found on each page, thus preventing users from browsing through tons of irrelevant hits; now also includes pre-selected subject categories, and the Lycos 250 and Hot Lists; for a good place to start, try their Reference section." Search results are very precise. It is also the only engine that provides search on sounds and pictures so far.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, lycos

TITLE: MetaCrawler
DESCRIPTION: From Go2Net Network, MetaCrawler differs from other services in that it doesn't maintain any internal database. Rather, it queries all known Web search engines on the user's search terms and returns the results without the duplicate entries. All entries are verified as accessible before returning to the users. Pretty neat. Worth a try.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, metacrawler, go2net

TITLE: McKinley. Magellan
DESCRIPTION: "Provides both forms-based searching and Browsing of pre-selected subject categories; more significantly, McKinley ranks most of the sites with a star system (Four Star for best, one-star for less than best); for the newest great sites, see their What's Hot section."
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, mckinley magellan

TITLE: Net Locator: AccuFind
DESCRIPTION: "A Power Tool for Power Surfers: quick access to (many) search engines."
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, net locator, accufind

TITLE: Northern Light
DESCRIPTION: The engine delivers on the promise of organized and comprehensive search results by doing two things: (1) Index every word of every Web page including license documents -- entire magazines, reference works, newswires -- that are not on the Web. This licensed information is called the 'Special Collection'. (2) Classify everything. A user's search results are sorted by subject, type, or source, and arranged in folders to the left of the screen. The folders help the user navigate to highly relevant content -- instead of scrolling through thousands of undifferentiated results. This is called the 'Custom Search Folders'.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, northern light

TITLE: Open Text's Livelink Pinstripe
DESCRIPTION: Designed to ensure "highly targeted searches, indexing only the Web pages that are pertinent to business users.... Over 150 pre-categorized grouping."--Announcing.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, business, livelink pinstripe, open text

TITLE: Sherlock@ - The Internet Consulting Detective (SM)
DESCRIPTION: Provides tips, resources, and notes on searching the Internet. The Internet Consulting Detective's Booklist section also offers links to Sherlock Holmes books and Internet searching guidebooks. Users can also send e-mail message to Sherlock for Internet searching questions.
KEYWORDS: internet searching help tool

TITLE: WebCrawler
DESCRIPTION: Still one of the fastest and most reliable search engines, though it doesn't provide abstracts.
KEYWORDS: search engine, search tool, webcrawler

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