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TITLE: Libweb: Academic Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Contains a listing of individual academic libraries in alphabetical order.
KEYWORDS: academic libraries, united states

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TITLE: Baylor University Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Contains general library information, access to libraries and library units, answers to frequently asked questions about library services, policies, etc., bibliographies, tips, hints, and search strategies which will help with modern library research, useful resources available on the Internet, etc. The section "Information Resources Beyond the Baylor University Libraries" has excellent resources on library reference materials.
KEYWORDS: academic libraries, baylor university

TITLE: Carnegie Library (Pittsburgh)
DESCRIPTION: Includes general information about the library, CAROLINE online catalog, library's magazine, databases, subject departments, branches, outreach services, library for the blind, other libraries, Kids' Page! Young Adult Page, and resources for librarians.
KEYWORDS: academic libraries, baylor university

TITLE: Golden Gate University. University Library
DESCRIPTION: Provides library information, very comprehensive resources on areas of: Arts and Humanities, Business, Economics, and Finance, Technology and Industry, Urban and Public Affairs, International & Regional studies, Accounting, Taxation, and Law.
E-MAIL: Janice Carter,
KEYWORDS: library web site, golden gate university

TITLE: Hamilton College Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains Guide to Libraries, including hours, services and policies, library staff directory, maps of the libraries; Library Resources, including Hamilton College Library Catalog, other library catalogs, electronic journals and books, databases and online services; and Internet Resources.
KEYWORDS: library web site, hamilton college

TITLE: Oregon State University Libraries. The Valley Library
DESCRIPTION: Provides information about the library and its services, links to its collections and other Oregon libraries.
KEYWORDS: library web site, oregon state university

TITLE: St. Olaf College Libraries
DESCRIPTION: The College includes Rolvaag Library, Halvorson Music Library, and Glasoe Science Library. "The collections contain over 525,000 books and bound periodicals, and over 265,000 nonbook items (CD's, videos, sound recordings, software), which are housed in the three libraries. More than 1,600 periodicals are received currently and the Libraries are a partial depository for Federal Government Publications. While the collections primarily provide the basic resources required for the undergraduate study of all aspects of human culture, they have unusual strengths and emphases which reflect the unique elements in the tradition of the College. They are especially strong in the fields of religion, Scandinavian literature and history, mathematics and music. St. Olaf is one of the few places where extensive materials can be found for the study of the cul ture and church life of Norwegian-Americans." In addition to access to the libraries' internal information and its telnet online catalog, the Web sites also includes research resources on Internet by subjects.
KEYWORDS: library web site, minnesota, st olaf

TITLE: SUNY Morrisville College of Agriculture and Technology LibraryLinks
DESCRIPTION: The site includes information about the library, links to its catalog, online databases, and other resources on Internet by subjects.
E-MAIL: Wilfred Drew,
KEYWORDS: library web site, suny morrisville

TITLE: Swarthmore College Library
DESCRIPTION: The Swarthmore College Library consists of the McCabe Library, the Cornell Library of Science and Engineering, and the Underhill Music Library. The site includes links to library resources, library OPAC, TRIPOD, and other Internet resources by subjects.
E-MAIL: Amy Wissoker Graham,
KEYWORDS: library web site, swarthmore college



The Academic Library
DESCRIPTION: Online library aimed at academic institutions. Features titles from PLuto
Press, United Nations University Press and the Electric Book Company, with
several other publishers expected to join soon. Insitutions can subscribe to
complete collections or on a 'pick and mix' basis.
KEYWORDS: online library academic politics 

TITLE: UCLA Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library
DESCRIPTION: Includes information about its collections, hours, and circulation policies, as well as links to its Staff Directory, Online Services such as Book Renewal (Via E-Mail), Reference Questions (Via E-Mail), etc., its Holding Lists of Archival Collection on Democracy and Unification in Korea, Chinese Civil Service Examination Materials (Big5 Code), Chinese Year Books (Big5 Code), Post-1949 Chinese Local Histories (Big5 Code), its Online Library Catalogs: ORION (UCLA System) and MELVYL (UC System), plus links to East Asian Studies Department and Centers at UCLA and Other major East Asian Libraries World-Wide.
KEYWORDS: library web site, california, los angeles

TITLE: University of Mississippi Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Includes information about the libraries, faculty and staff home pages, employment opportunities, and Internet resources.
KEYWORDS: library web site, mississippi

TITLE: University of Missouri--Kansas City. University Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Includes information about the libraries, library policies, other library catalogs, etc.
KEYWORDS: library web site, missouri, kansas city

TITLE: University of Toledo Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Provides Library Information, access to Online Catalog (Telnet), OhioLINK (Telnet), and Other UT Resources, Reference Tools.
KEYWORDS: library web site, toledo

TITLE: Yale University Library
DESCRIPTION: Provides Library Information, access to its Online Catalog, ORBIS, and listing of around 50 branch libraries and collections at Yale.
KEYWORDS: library web site, yale

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