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TITLE: China: Libraries and Library Science (CEAL)
DESCRIPTION: Contains links to libraries' Web sites in China, related organizations and publications for Chinese materials. Good resource.
KEYWORDS: libraries, china

TITLE: Fudan University Libraries
DESCRIPTION: "There are two central libraries in the University: one for science and the other for the humanities. Both libraries and departmental libraries are well stocked with more than 3,400,000 volumes of books and more than 5.000 varieties of periodicals."
KEYWORDS: library, china, fudan university, fdu libraries

TITLE: The National Library of China
DESCRIPTION: Provides general information on the library, its staff, literature survey, and reader services, etc.
KEYWORDS: national library, china

TITLE: Tsinghua University Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains links to its Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) via WWW and telnet, Online CD-ROM Search (local users only), Science & Technology Article Report Service (STARS) (requires authorization), Dissertations Retrieving Information System (DRIS) (Chinese and English), Virtual Library (Organized by Tsinghua University Library) which includes orgnizations, electrical journals, persons, softwares, etc. in Internet related to that subject, and links to other Online Libraries in China.
KEYWORDS: library, china, tsinghua university

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TITLE: The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Libraries and Museums
DESCRIPTION: Covers the University Library System, the Art Museum, the Online Resources such as Library Online Catalogue, The Hong Kong Newspaper Database, and Eye on the World.
KEYWORDS: library, hong kong, chinese university

TITLE: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. University Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains information about the library and links to resources such as Library Online Catalogs (via Web or Telnet), Electronic Resources by Subject, Electronic Journals Online, and Pathfinders for: Biotechnology Information, Company Information, Job Hunting, Patent Information, Standards Information, Technical Reports and Working Papers, and the Ten Steps in Writing a Research Paper.
KEYWORDS: library, hong kong, hkust

TITLE: St. Joseph's Anglo-Chinese School Library
CREATOR: St. Joseph's Anglo-Chinese School Library.
DESCRIPTION: "The Library aims to make its resources available and useful to the boys and teachers of the School and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. There is access to information about all aspects of the services and collections of the Library. As well as to the other resources of Hong Kong and the world through the world wide web."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: school library, hong kong

TITLE: University of Hong Kong Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Contains information about the library and links to electronic resources by title and subject, Contemporary China Virtual Collection, Electronic Gallery, ERL - Electronic Reference Library Databases, ExamBase, Twenty-Five Dynastic Histories, Electronic Journals, Electronic Newspapers, and Publishers Online, etc.
KEYWORDS: library, hong kong, university

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TITLE: Academia Sinica Library Service
DESCRIPTION: Contains links to its Library Services which include: 1.Academia Sinica Library Online Catalog, 2. Document Delivery Service (Only for member of Academia Sinica), 3.Interlibrary Loan Service (Only for member of Academia Sinica), 4. Life Science Library (in Chinese), and 5. INNOPAC related document in Chinese; and its ERL Database Service.
KEYWORDS: library, taiwan, sinica

TITLE: National Central Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains links to its Information Network System which includes: Getting to Know Chinese Rare Books (Multimedia CD-ROM System), ISBN and CIP Databases (Test Version), the NCL Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC, Test Vesion), Chinese Cataloguers' WebPage, National Bibliographic Information Network, Remote Electronic Access/Delivery of Document Services of the NCL (READncl); and its Electronic Publications which includes: Automation at the National Central Library and National Central Library Newsletter.
KEYWORDS: library, taiwan, ncl

TITLE: National Cheng Kung University Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains information on library resources, services, and activities, publications, etc. Requires Chinese interface to read some of the contents.
KEYWORDS: library, taiwan, ncku

TITLE: National Taiwan University Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains information about the library and links to the library catalogs and electronic resources.
REQUIRE: Chinese only, requires Big5 code.
KEYWORDS: library, taiwan, national university

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