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TITLE: Bilkent University Library
CREATOR: Bilkent University Library.
DESCRIPTION: Provides information such as Library Rules, On-line Search (BLISS), On-line Databases & Electronic Journals, Fazla Dergiler Listesi, Announcements, CD-ROM Lists, Head of Departments, Exhibitions in the Library, On-line Libraries, BLISS-PC (K�t�phane Otomasyon Sistemi), Library Pictures for this library in Turkey.
KEYWORDS: turkey, library

TITLE: Library Services in Turkey
CREATOR: Bilkent University Library.
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to libraries in Turkey.
KEYWORDS: turkey, libraries

TITLE: National Library of Turkey
CREATOR: National Library of Turkey.
DESCRIPTION: Provides information about the National Library of Turkey, links to NLT DataBase, Librarianship Journals, Goverment Web Pages in Turkey, The Ministry of Culture, Internet Services in Turkey, Virtual Libraries, Gateway to European National Libraries, IFLA, Magazines, Newspapers in Internet, and Turkish Press in Internet, etc.
KEYWORDS: turkey, national library

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