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TITLE: American Zoo and Aquarium Association
DESCRIPTION: "The American Zoo and Aquarium Association represents virtually every professionally operated zoological park, aquarium, oceanarium, and wildlife park in North America as well as over 5,400 individual members."--About. Provides research information and local activities.
KEYWORDS: aquariums, world, international

TITLE: Aquatic Network: Aquariums
DESCRIPTION: Contains links and information about aquariums around the world.
KEYWORDS: aquariums, world, international

TITLE: Zoological Record: Internet Resource Guide for Zoology
DESCRIPTION: Contains links to aquariums around the world.
KEYWORDS: aquariums, world, international

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TITLE: Artcom Museum Tour
DESCRIPTION: A place where one can visit more than 750 U.S. museums of all types, botanical gardens, zoos, planetariums, aquariums, and other fine cultural institutions. Arranged in alphabetical order.
KEYWORDS: museums, united states

TITLE: The Official web site of Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta, India
DESCRIPTION: "The Victoria Memorial Hall was opened in 1921. It is also a museum where people could see before them pictures and statues of men who played a prominent part in the history of India and develop a pride in their past especially in relation to the history of Calcutta . Lord Curzon conceived it. Presently it is the finest and most prominent building and art museum of Calcutta, India, under the Department of Culture, Government of India."--Title screen. It also has a big collection of art books and journal as well.
E-MAIL: Contact
KEYWORDS: museums, india

TITLE: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
DESCRIPTION: "Belgian Museum that owns very large scientific collections: more than 30 million specimens. The Dautzenberg Collection (molluscs) is among the 5 largest ones in the world. The collection Iguanodons of Bernissart are worldwide known. The scientific collections are devoted to scientific research and thus not shown to the public. The Museum of the Institute shows the most colourful part of them to the general public."--Supplied by creator.
E-MAIL: Laurent Meese,
KEYWORDS: museums, belgium

TITLE: Dutch Museums on the Internet
DESCRIPTION: Available in both english and dutch. Contains virtual exhibitions and digital experiments, discussion papers, various collections owned by the museum, museum opening hours and address, etc.
KEYWORDS: museum, netherlands

TITLE: Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art
DESCRIPTION: Contains information and small digitized images of its entire collection online (very slow server!).
KEYWORDS: art museum, korea

TITLE: The Museum of Broadcast Communications
CREATOR: The Museum of Broadcast Communications.
DESCRIPTION: "The MBC examines popular culture and contemporary American history through the sights and sounds of television and radio ... [shows] unique, hands-on exhibits, a wide array of broadcasting memorabilia, and an extensive public archives collection of more than 60,000 radio and television programs and commercials."--Museum Information.
KEYWORDS: popular culture, television programs, radio programs

TITLE: Museum of Computer Art
DESCRIPTION: An exhibit of MOCA: the Museum of Computer Art, including commentaries and biographies of the artists. Arts exhibitions include fractal arts, raytraced arts, painted arts, and drawn arts, etc.
KEYWORDS: computer art museum, computer artists biographies

TITLE: Museums by Nerd World Media(SM)
DESCRIPTION: Provides many links to museums and museum-related resources on WWW, Gopher, FTP, and Usenet. It is frequently updated by using Web robot to retrieve resources.
KEYWORDS: museums, world, international

TITLE: National Museum of Australia
DESCRIPTION: Contains information about the National Museum of Australia, its collection, exhibitions and events, and its library.
KEYWORDS: national museum, australia

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