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TITLE: Libweb: State Libraries
DESCRIPTION: Contains a listing of individual state libraries in alphabetical order.
KEYWORDS: state libraries, united states

TITLE: State Libraries of the USA
DESCRIPTION: Links to Web sites of state libraries in the US.
KEYWORDS: state libraries

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TITLE: SLED - Alaska's Statewide Library Electronic Doorway
DESCRIPTION: SLED is a public service providing easy and equitable access to electronic information. SLED was developed by the Alaska State Library and the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks.
KEYWORDS: state library, alaska

TITLE: DelAWARE (Delaware Division of Libraries)
DESCRIPTION: It includes access to Delaware library catalogs and other library catalogs - regional & major libraries, general reference resources, librarian's resources, Delawareana - about Delaware and surrounding area, federal and state government information, and other cool links of general interest.
KEYWORDS: state libraries, delaware

TITLE: Indiana State Library
DESCRIPTION: "The Indiana State Library is responsible for (1) developing and providing library services to state government, its branches, its departments and its officials and employees; (2) providing for the individual citizens of the state those specialized library services not generally appropriate, economical or available in other libraries."--Introduction. It provides access to Indiana state information, links to IDEANET, other state libraries, colleges and universities in Indiana, general reference and government resources.
KEYWORDS: state library, indiana

TITLE: State Library of Iowa
DESCRIPTION: "The State Library of Iowa began as a territorial library in 1838 by an Act of Congress. When Iowa became a state in 1846, the territorial library became the State Library of Iowa. The original mission of the State Library was to provide services to state government.... Today, the State Library offers a multitude of services and programs to the libraries and citizens of Iowa."--Title screen. It provides links to library services, its online resources, and a site index.
E-MAIL: SILO Web administrator,
KEYWORDS: state library, iowa

TITLE: State Library of Louisiana
DESCRIPTION: "The library provides a central collection of materials to support the informational needs of state government and all Louisiana citizens, improves public library services at the local level, establishes libraries in state institutions, and directly serves the informational, educational and recreational needs of blind and visually impaired citizens."--Title screen. It provides access to library staff directory, ILL information, state government documents, local genealogical resources, other Internet sites, etc.
KEYWORDS: state library, louisiana

TITLE: Maine State Library
DESCRIPTION: "Here you will find email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses for library personnel, the Maine Library Commission, MEMA and MLA executive boards; the Maine Guide to Information Services and Initiatives; information about the MaineCat union catalog project; as well as details on how to connect to URSUS, the University of Maine System's online catalog and information retrieval initiative that provides collection information for many Maine libraries, including the Maine State Library."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: state library, maine

TITLE: Missouri State Library
DESCRIPTION: "The major functions of the State Library are to provide direct library and information service in support of the executive and legislative branches of Missouri state government, to provide library service to blind and physically handicapped residents of Missouri and to promote the development and improvement of library services throughout the state."--Title screen. It provides information on library services, publications and projects, links to Missouri libraries on Internet, Missouri's automation project, and other library related sites on Internet, etc.
KEYWORDS: state library, missouri

TITLE: Montana State Library
DESCRIPTION: "The Montana State Library is the principal library and information source for state government and for library services to the blind and physically handicapped. It is also a central information point for natural resource data, and a major source of information and assistance for all types of libraries--public, school, academic, institutional and special--throughout the state."
KEYWORDS: state library, montana

TITLE: Nebraska Library Commission
DESCRIPTION: The Nebraska Library Commission is the state library for Nebraska. The site contains links to Nebraska libraries, an electronic library which contains enormous Internet resources related to Nebraska and the library field, the commission's public access catalog, library directory, and library jobs, etc.
KEYWORDS: state library, nebraska

TITLE: New Hampshire State Library
DESCRIPTION: It contains Publications, Department Staff Listing, Sections of the State Library, Reference and Information Services, Library Development Services, Library Services to Persons with Disabilities, Network Services, Technical Services, Fiscal and Administrative Services.
E-MAIL: Contacts
KEYWORDS: state library, new hampshire

TITLE: New York State Library
DESCRIPTION: Established in 1896. The site contains information and resources on its Research Library, Library Development, Talking Book and Braille Library.
KEYWORDS: state library, new york

TITLE: State Library of North Carolina
DESCRIPTION: "The State Library serves government agencies, businesses, and, through cooperative programs with other libraries and organizations, all citizens of the state. With the State Library as your tour guide for the World Wide Web, you will discover treasure troves of information from places near and far. Sources are provided directly by the State Library and by sites all over the Internet."--Title screen. It includes comprehensive listing of all state resources and other Internet resources.
KEYWORDS: state library, north carolina

TITLE: State Library of Ohio (WINSLO)
DESCRIPTION: Provides information for Ohio library catalog, state, federal, and international governments.
KEYWORDS: state library, ohio

TITLE: South Carolina State Library
DESCRIPTION: "The South Carolina State Library provides collections and services to meet the informational needs of South Carolinians." You can access the library's online reference room, online databases, and state's public libraries directory.
KEYWORDS: state library, south carolina

TITLE: South Dakota State Library
DESCRIPTION: "In addition to books, periodicals & reference books, the State Library has both print and non-print materials about parenting and many video tapes for pre-school and primary aged children that parents can use with their children."--Title screen. It includes federal and state government information and access to the library's online network.
KEYWORDS: state library, south dakota

TITLE: Texas State Electronic Library
DESCRIPTION: Provides information on Texas state agencies, other Texas information and services, including Texas libraries, Texas counties, Texas cities, Texas newspapers, and information by subject, including book stacks, reference, electronic lists and news, print indexes and articles, Library of Congress, federal government, etc., plus access to its online catalog.
KEYWORDS: state library, texas

TITLE: Utah State Library Network
DESCRIPTION: Provides very comprehensive listing of resources by topics under the Selected Internet Resources section. Other sections contain access to state library information and publications, basic services for library patrons, etc.
KEYWORDS: state library, utah

TITLE: State of Vermont
DESCRIPTION: Contains educational and legislation information resources, plus K-12net, Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS), etc.
KEYWORDS: state library, vermont

TITLE: State of Wisconsin. Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning (DLTCL)
DESCRIPTION: It contains resources and information on state public libraries issues and other library services.
KEYWORDS: state library, wisconsin

TITLE: Wyoming State Library
DESCRIPTION: "The State Library provides coordination and management of an integrated online system, WYLD. The system serves all 23 county libraries, four branch libraries, seven community colleges, the University of Wyoming (UW) and the Wyoming State Library."--Mission. It includes state's library services: Administration, Statewide Information Services, Wyoming Libraries Database WYLD, Publications, Programing and Marketing, Central Acquisitions, Fiscal Management, Technical Services, and other Web sites and state government information.
KEYWORDS: state library, wyoming

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