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Children/Youth/ Literacy Services:
Literacy Services

TITLE: Bay Area Literacy
DESCRIPTION: BALit (Bay Area Literacy) serves adults in the Bay Area who choose to improve their reading and writing skills. BALit�s 25 member programs are located in libraries from Mendocino County to Santa Clara County. Each year these programs serve some 6,500 adults, helping them to achieve their goals and expand their opportunities.
E-MAIL: Maryanne McGlothlin 
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TITLE: California Library Literacy Service
DESCRIPTION: The mission of California Library Literacy Services is to enable Californians of all ages to reach their literacy goals and use library services effectively.
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TITLE: Northern California Literacy Coalition
DESCRIPTION: The Northern California Literacy Coalition works to:
Promote community and regional awareness of literacy issues and services;
Improve and increase communication among programs;
Offer training and workshops;
Develop funding resources for the benefit of all members;
Provide assistance and support for new or unaffiliated literacy groups
E-MAIL: Susan Domenighini
KEYWORDS: Literacy  

TITLE: Southern California Library Literacy Network
DESCRIPTION: The Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN) strengthens library literacy services by sharing resources and expertise in promoting literacy and life-long learning for Southern Californians.
E-MAIL: Click on a library name for more contact information
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