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TITLE: Active Maps World-Wide
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to map Web sites around the world.
KEYWORDS: maps, international

TITLE: Airlines of the World
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to airlines Web sites around the world. Very comprehensive and useful for looking up air ticket prices and flight schedules.
KEYWORDS: airlines

TITLE: American Hotel & Motel Association
DESCRIPTION: "Offers communication, governmental affairs, marketing, hospitality operations, educational, convention, risk management, technology, information, and member relations services for hotels, motels, and lodging facilities throughout the world." It includes educational resourcers for its members, traveler resources,lodging magazine, and other official information on hotel and motel issues, etc.
KEYWORDS: travel industry, hotels and motels

TITLE: Amtrak
DESCRIPTION: Provides information on Amtrak News, Travel Planner, Schedules, and Reservations.
KEYWORDS: train, travel

TITLE: Cultural Survival: Protecting the Rights, Voices and Visions of
Indigenous Peoples
DESCRIPTION: Cultural Survival is an international non-profit indigenous rights
organization located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since 1972, CS has worked
to better the lives and promote the visions of indigenous communities both
locally and globally. Cultural Survival has several initiatives currently in
process in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Check out our website and our now
full-color quarterly for more information about the mission of Cultural
Survival and how you can become a part of preserving the lives and voices of
indigenous peoples.
KEYWORDS: Informative, Interactive, Enlightening, Encouraging
Email: Emily Sheffield


TITLE: MapQuest
DESCRIPTION: Provides interactive atlas, maps, and other trip planning tools.
KEYWORDS: atlas, road maps, travel

TITLE: Rail Pass Express
DESCRIPTION: Offers a variety of resources on travel planning and fares by train in Europe.
KEYWORDS: travel, train, europe

TITLE: Rec.Travel Library
DESCRIPTION: Contains travel information such as travel agencies, accommodations, transportation, and activities, as well as other travel tips around the world.
KEYWORDS: travel, entertainment, international

TITLE: Subway Navigator
DESCRIPTION: "Allows you to find routes in subway systems in various cities around the world."
KEYWORDS: travel, subway routes, international

TITLE: Travel Aids
DESCRIPTION: Contains all kinds of resources around the world related to travel.
KEYWORDS: travel aids, international

TITLE: Yahoo! Business and Economy:Transportation:Traffic & Road Conditions
CREATOR: Yahoo! Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Contains up-to-date information on traffic and road conditions for particular regions, states, and cities.
KEYWORDS: travel, traffic

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