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Financial Aid

TITLE: FinAid, the Financial Aid Information Page
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to sources of information about student financial aid. It is sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).
E-MAIL: Mark Kantrowitz
KEYWORDS: financial aid, student loan

DESCRIPTION: This site offers a list of government grants and scholarships available in a database format. Perfect toll for libraries to offer their members access to all government funds available Administrators (NASFAA).
KEYWORDS: grants, government funding, scholarships, educational funds

TITLE: GRIP Scholarships
CREATOR: GRIP Publications, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Contains Internet resource for grants, loans, and financial aid listings for pre-college students, plus information on where and how to get into college.
KEYWORDS: financial aid, student loan

TITLE: Peterson's Education Center: Financing Education
DESCRIPTION: Contains the Financial Aid Story, Admissions Calendar, Q and A on Financial Aid, Glossary of Financial Aid Terms, Help in Paying for College, College Financial Aid Information -- Free from KeyBank USA, and Financial Planning Tools.
KEYWORDS: financial aid, student loan

TITLE: Reference $ervice Press
DESCRIPTION: "Reference Service Press is committed to collecting, organizing, and disseminating--in both print and electronic formats--the most current and accurate information available on scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, internships, and other types of funding opportunities."-About. The site provides a free RSP Funding Update newsletter which provides late-breaking information about funding from the funding source.
KEYWORDS: financial aid, student loan

TITLE: Sallie Mae: Student Loan Marketing Association (SLMA)
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be "Nation's largest source of funding for education loans for college. Includes information on planning and paying for college; all types of financial aid and loans; calculators to forecast college costs, loan payments and more; on-line account access for borrowers."
KEYWORDS: financial aid, student loan

TITLE: Student Guide 1997-98--Financial Aid from the Dept. of Education
DESCRIPTION: Provides current information on various types of government loans.
KEYWORDS: financial aid, student loan

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