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TITLE: 50 States and Capitals
DESCRIPTION: "Lists the fifty states and information on their locations (latitude and longitude), birds, colleges and universities, constitutions, flowers, genealogical resources, geological formations, geographical features, mottos, national forests and parks, newspapers, nicknames, non profit organizations, populations, state and federal representatives, songs, and the dates of entry into the union."--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: states, capitals, symbols, flags, songs

CREATOR: Terret, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: A quick way to find area code for a particular city or get the location by searching the area code in the United States and Canada.
KEYWORDS: area codes, united states, canada

TITLE: - Calendar Links
DESCRIPTION: Links to all kinds of calendars, such as cultural and religious calendars, historical, astronomical calendars, holidays and celebrations, interactive calendar generators, calendar software, and many more.
KEYWORDS: calendar generators, world calendars

TITLE: CNNfn: Currencies
DESCRIPTION: Provided by the CNN Financial Network, it is a currency converter for countries around the world.
KEYWORDS: currency conversion, international

TITLE: Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
DESCRIPTION: Contains "over 28,500 links, categorized & cross-referenced, in over 90 categories"--Title screen. A very comprehensive collection of genealogy resources around the world.
E-MAIL: Cyndi Howells,
KEYWORDS: genealogy

TITLE: EasyType
DESCRIPTION: A free, comprehensive, online typing instruction program, with animated characters, games, interesting material, and over 250 lessons.
E-MAIL: Cyndi Howells,
KEYWORDS: typing, instructions, lessons

TITLE: First Names and What They Mean
DESCRIPTION: Lists the origins and meanings of the first names in alphabetical order.
KEYWORDS: first names

TITLE: Flags of All Countries
DESCRIPTION: Contains flag images from around the world.
E-MAIL: Webmaster

TITLE: Greeting Cards by 123Greetings
DESCRIPTION: Provides free audio greeting cards for occasions such as birthday, business, events & holidays, flowers, friendship, general, jewelry, love, pets, specials, sports, travel, wedding. A very nice site.
KEYWORDS: greeting cards

TITLE: Holidays on the Net
DESCRIPTION: A "source for holiday celebrations on the World Wide Web". Contains description of popular holidays.
NOTE: Java script capability is required.
KEYWORDS: holidays

TITLE: Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
CREATOR: Keirsey, David Mark.
DESCRIPTION: Contains Keirsey Temperament Sorter which is a personality test which scores results according to the Myers-Briggs system, Keirsey Temperament Theory, and books, audio and video tapes on personality.
E-MAIL: David Mark Keirsey,
KEYWORDS: personality, temperament, test

TITLE: KMMC - Multimedia Greeting Cards
DESCRIPTION: "Creating your own personalized multimedia greeting cards for all occasions and sending them by e-mail."
KEYWORDS: greeting cards

TITLE: Map Quiz
DESCRIPTION: Map and geography trivia site.
KEYWORDS: geography, map, games, trivia

TITLE: Planetary Nomenclature
DESCRIPTION: A gazetteer of planetary system and satellites, etc.
E-MAIL: Jennifer Blue,
KEYWORDS: planet, gazetteer

TITLE: Rochester Gardening
DESCRIPTION: Offers specific information on gardening in Upstate New York. Also provides access to plant & garden information worldwide through searchable lists of more than 2,200 categorized web links. Special-interest area on bulbs. Non-profit site.
E-MAIL: Comments
KEYWORDS: gardening, planting

DESCRIPTION: Helps investors invest in Scpi, which are private companies that invest in French Real Estate. It provides a free book and analysis about Scpi, made by a professional financial advisor
KEYWORDS: Scpi,, Scpi de Rendement, Scpi Malraux

TITLE: Surnames: What's In a Name
CREATOR: Broken Arrow Publishing.
DESCRIPTION: A list of surnames and their origins and history.
KEYWORDS: surnames, origin, meaning, names

TITLE: Television Schedules of the World
DESCRIPTION: Contains TV guides and schedules worldwide.
PUBLISHER: Buttle Broadcasting
KEYWORDS: television schedules

TITLE: Time Zone Converter
DESCRIPTION: Specify the time zone, time and date to convert from, and the time zone to convert to. This is a worldwide time zone converter. Time zone reference cards and Look up time zones by countries are also available.
KEYWORDS: time zone converter

TITLE: Translation Services
DESCRIPTION: Translation services and document translation services from any language into any other languages. We specialize in legal document translations.
KEYWORDS: legal document translation services thank you for your consideration!

TITLE: Xenon Laboratories. The Universal Currency Converter (TM)
DESCRIPTION: Provides interactive foreign exchange rate conversion for any country in the world on Internet. It also includes links to Interactive Currency Table, and ISO 4217 Currency List.
KEYWORDS: currency conversion, international

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