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Shipping and Postage

TITLE: Federal Express
DESCRIPTION: Contains Services Online, Free Software, and delivery and tracking options and information. FedEx?Shipping Software helps prepare time-definite packages, verify them online, print bar-coded shipping documents on plain paper using laser printer -- no airbills to manually complete. Also lets you track your packages, retain a list of your recipients, and manage shipping history information. New Windows version is available. FedEx? Tracking allows checking the current status of your FedEx package.
KEYWORDS: shipping, fedex, federal express


TITLE: United States Postal Service -- Postage Rates
DESCRIPTION: Complete information on US domestic Postage Rates which reflect the implementation of Mail Classification Reform and detailed information on international mailing methods and postal rates.
KEYWORDS: shipping, postage, usps, united states postal service


DESCRIPTION: United Parcel Services Online contains information on package tracking, dropping locator, Quick Cost Calculator, requesting pickup, immediate access to worldwide shipping and tracking information, UPS employment opportunities, and contact phone numbers.
PHONE: USA and Canada: 800-PICKUPS (800-742-5877) ; International services in the United States and Canada: 800-782-7892
KEYWORDS: shipping, postage, ups, united parcel services

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