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News is: a report of recent events.
Weather is: state of the atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness.
This section provides links to bibliographies that are related Library and Information Science.

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TITLE: 1stHeadlines
CREATOR: Rentz Data Systems.
DESCRIPTION: 1stHeadlines provides a central location to easily scan the headlines and access stories from over 50 top newspaper, broadcast and online news sources. It also allows the user to easily view current news events from the regional perspective offered by multiple news organizations. 1stHeadlines is updated continuously, 24 hours a day. 1stHeadlines also offers current Business, Health and Sports headlines with story links to their online news sources.
E-MAIL: Beverly Ball,
KEYWORDS: news, headlines


TITLE: AJR News Link
CREATOR: American Journalism Review (AJR) ; NewsLink Associates.
DESCRIPTION: Contains very comprehensive links to newspapers and magazines published on the Internet around the world. Those newspapers published in the United States are arranged by state and national papers. It also contains links to radio and TV resources for United States and Non-US countries.
KEYWORDS: newspapers, magazines, international


TITLE: CNN Interactive
DESCRIPTION: Contains stories from every part of the globe as well as comments from neighbors down the street. There are news briefs, but there are also comprehensive examinations of major issues and events.


TITLE: Daily Brief
DESCRIPTION: "The Daily Brief is a summary of national (U.S.), international, business, sports and entertainment news published by Intelligent Network Concepts. Every effort is made to remove bias and slants from source news stories leaving readers with clear, concise statements of the facts of a story. The Brief is intended for professionals, students, and others, who desire to have up to date knowledge of national and international events presented in a convenient manner. The Daily Brief is usually sent out by 8am EST every weekday morning."
INSTRUCTION: subscribe
E-MAIL: Owner: Intelligent Network Concepts, ; Editor: J. Kirby Robinson,
KEYWORDS: daily news


TITLE: The Flying Inkpot's Zine Scene: News
DESCRIPTION: A collection of online newspapers. The newspapers are browsable by subjects and searchable by keywords.
KEYWORDS: newspapers database


TITLE: Los Angeles Times
DESCRIPTION: Provides full stories of today's news for free, including all sections. Archives require subscription for full stories, free for citation lists and headlines. Both today's news and archives are searchable.
KEYWORDS: newspapers, news


TITLE: MediaInfo Links: Online Media Directory
DESCRIPTION: Provides in-depth links to the Web sites and publication information of Internet newspapers and magazines, plus resources for television, radio, and association Web sites around the world.
KEYWORDS: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, media, international


TITLE: My Virtual Reference Desk - My Virtual Newspaper
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to many newspapers in all categories, to local newspapers by states, and to weather information.
KEYWORDS: newspapers, news, weather


TITLE: The New York Times on the Web
DESCRIPTION: Provides registration information, site touring, and table of contents, etc. Users have to register to access the newspaper. "There is currently no charge for subscribers living within the US."
KEYWORDS: newspapers, news


TITLE: News and Newspapers Online
DESCRIPTION: Provides good coverage and links to newspapers published on the Internet around the world.
E-MAIL: Justin R. Ervin,
KEYWORDS: newspapers, international


TITLE: Online Newspapers
DESCRIPTION: Contains over 1,500 newspapers of many countries in Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Canada, Europe, Latin & South America, United States. Searchable.
KEYWORDS: newspapers, news


DESCRIPTION: A Web version of the printed paper.

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TITLE: Guide to the Weather Symbols
DESCRIPTION: A weather map symbols page for those who are a little vague about how to interpret some of the weather symbols on the the composite maps.
KEYWORDS: weather map symbols


TITLE: Intellicast
DESCRIPTION: Provides information on and links to USA and the world weather, travelers sites, and ski reports, etc. The home page screen has problems sometimes. You have to click on something on the left column before something shows up on the main screen.
KEYWORDS: weather forecasts


TITLE: National Weather Service
DESCRIPTION: Provides the latest weather information from its forecast offices and National Centers, (including warnings, forecasts, maps, and observations), climate statistics and historical archives of observational reports and weather products, plus information on hydrometeorology, the environment, geophysical tables, weather communications, standards & codes, and other weather related services.
E-MAIL: NWS Webmaster
KEYWORDS: weather services


TITLE: UCAR Web: Weather
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to Colorado state and national sites on weather forcasts, climate information, and severe weather prediction centers by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.
E-MAIL: Bob Henson,
KEYWORDS: weather services


TITLE: (The Weather Channel)
CREATOR: The Weather Channel Enterprises, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Provides weather information, maps, flight information, travel forecasts, weather trivia, etc. for every state and city of the United States.
KEYWORDS: weather forecasts


TITLE: WxUSA Weather Hub
CREATOR: Rentz Data Systems.
DESCRIPTION: Provides weather and detail forecasts information for every state and city of the United States.
KEYWORDS: weather forecasts

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