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TITLE: CONDOC (Consortium to Develop an Online Catalog). Request for Proposal for an Online Catalog
DESCRIPTION: As vendors begin to offer client-server architecture and other improvements to online catalogs, it seems appropriate to take a look at what features were desired in second-generation systems. The ALA Catalog Use Committee believes the CONDOC RFP is a good place to start evaluating the progress of library system vendors since 1981. ALA Midwinter conference CONDOC distributed a survey to its members. Respondents ranked 40 features of an online catalog. The results were incorporated (as appendix A) in this document.
KEYWORDS: opac features, opac evalution

TITLE: Larsen, Ron. Internet-Accessible Library Catalogs and Databases
DESCRIPTION: Detailed instructions on accessing library catalogs via telnet. Some information may be out-of-date since it was last updated in 1992.
FILE MODE: ascii
FILE SIZE: 307092 bytes
INSTRUCTION: Login as "anonymous" and send your complete e-mail address as password
KEYWORDS: library opacs

TITLE: lib-web-cats
DESCRIPTION: Library Web pages, online catalogs, and profiles. A directory of over 4,500 libraries worldwide, maintained by Marshall Breeding.
KEYWORDS: library opacs

TITLE: Libraries at Washington University. WorldWindow
DESCRIPTION: Provides access to the Washington University Library Catalog or catalogs of other libraries, the Journal Indexes, the Subject Guides to find selected Internet resources, and offers Search WorldWindow, or the whole Internet, by keyword.
KEYWORDS: library opacs

TITLE: National Library Catalogues Worldwide
DESCRIPTION: "Lists national library catalogues alphabetically by country. It aims to give all the information necessary to connect to the catalogue." Compiled by University of Queensland Library.
E-MAIL: John East,
KEYWORDS: national library opacs

TITLE: Scott, Peter. HYTELNET on the WorldWideWeb
CREATOR: Scott, Peter.
DESCRIPTION: From Saskatoon, Sask, Canada. Provides telnet links and instructions to library catalogs in the world.
KEYWORDS: library opacs

TITLE: Yale list of catalogs
DESCRIPTION: Provides detailed instructions on accessing library catalogs via telnet, plus instructions on different types of catalogs, such as DRA, Innopac, etc. Catalogs were collected from Hytelnet. Last updated in 1995?
KEYWORDS: library opacs

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