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TITLE: Bibliographic Elements and Displays Project
CREATOR: University of Toronto. Faculty of Information Studies.
DESCRIPTION: Projects to examine bibliographic elements and display. Web-interfaced OPAC has been evaluated particularly. Current Projects include: Prototyping Useful Bibliographic Displays for the Web, Web Displays of Bibliographic Records: An Evaluation, Matching Bibliographic Record Content with Client Preferences, A Focus Group Study of Bibliographic Displays, Chan's Checklist for Evaluating Bibliographic Displays, Bibliographic Elements - Monographs in Academic Libraries, Bibliographic Elements - Videos in Public Libraries, Bibliographic Elements - Monographs in Public Libraries, Bibliographic Elements - Serials in Academic Libraries.
KEYWORDS: web opac displays

TITLE: Engel, Genny. WEBPAC: World Wide Webbed OPACs
DESCRIPTION: A list of links to online catalogs incorporating WWW-to-Z39.50 gateways, as well as information about webbed OPACs, setting up Z39.50 gateways.
E-MAIL: Genny Engel
KEYWORDS: web opacs, z39.50 gateways

TITLE: lib-web-cats
DESCRIPTION: Library Web pages, online catalogs, and profiles. A directory of over 4,500 libraries worldwide, maintained by Marshall Breeding.
KEYWORDS: web opacs, web catalogs

TITLE: Scott, Peter. LibDex
DESCRIPTION: This is a list of library homepages, web-based OPACs, Friends of the Library pages, and library e-commerce affiliate links. It replaces the webCats directory.
KEYWORDS: web opacs, web catalogs

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