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TITLE: AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center)
DESCRIPTION: "Provides access to agriculture-related information, subject area experts, and other resources."--Title screen. The site contains links to AgNIC sponsored resources and activities and other selected resources in many science and social science fields.
KEYWORDS: agriculture

TITLE: Biomedical Resources on the Internet
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to biomedical software, lists, and other resources on the Internet.
KEYWORDS: medical science, biology, medicine

TITLE: BioTech's Life Science Dictionary
CREATOR: Indiana University.
DESCRIPTION: Contains dictionary of terms dealing with biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology and genetics; tems relating to ecology, limnology, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine; terms for medically- and biotechnologically-relevant organisms such as bacteria, worms, fungi, and some plants. Don't expect to find common or exotic animals here though.
KEYWORDS: life science, biotechnology, medical science

TITLE: Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
DESCRIPTION: "The mission of the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to establish a network of pharmaceutical scientists in Canada, and make contact with sister national/international agencies in pursuit of excellence in research, development, and training. The mission includes an electronic journal, the "Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: science, medicine, pharmacy

TITLE: The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
DESCRIPTION: "This is a collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science from various sources, covering most aspects of computer science. The about 1200 bibliographies are updated monthly from their original locations such that you'll always find the most recent versions here. The collection currently contains about 890,000 references (mostly to journal articles, conference papers and technical reports)."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: computer science, bibliographies, citations

TITLE: Electronics Resource Center
DESCRIPTION: "The commercial and military/aerospace electronics resource center, the WWW connection that links users and providers together at a single point of access for both technical and purchasing information."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: electronics, military

TITLE: Frank Potter's Science Gems
DESCRIPTION: Contains annotated links to science subjects such as physical science, life science, mathematics, engineering, technology, health science, K-12 science lesson plans, science discoveries, etc.
E-MAIL: Frank Potter,
KEYWORDS: science

TITLE: Geography Exchange
DESCRIPTION: "An informative and well produced combination of original teaching resouces, lessons and indexes of carefully selected website links. It is targeted at everyone interested in geography and the natural world, and ideally suited to GCSE geography students and teachers in the UK. Maintained by a graduate geography teacher, the site is frequently updated with new material and links, features weekly online lessons."--Supplied by creator.
E-MAIL: David Robinson,
KEYWORDS: science, geography, united kingdom

TITLE: Healthtouch(r) - Online for better health
DESCRIPTION: "Brings together valuable information from trusted health organizations" for drugs, pharmacy, health and product information, as well as the health resource directory."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: science, health
TITLE: Human Anatomy On-line
DESCRIPTION: "The place for fun, interactive and educational views of the human body. This program contains over one hundred illustrations of the human body with animations and thousands of descriptive links."
KEYWORDS: human body, education

TITLE: The Information Retrieval in Chemistry WWW Server
CREATOR: Varveri, F.S.
DESCRIPTION: A compendium of Chemistry resources by field and by topic.
KEYWORDS: chemistry, cheminformatics

TITLE: Lycos Directory: Health
DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive listing of medical and health resources such as hospitals and clinics, physical and mental health Web pages, jobs and physicians finder, etc.
KEYWORDS: medicine, health

TITLE: Lycos Directory: Science
DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive listing of resources in the science and technology disciplines.
KEYWORDS: science, technology

TITLE: MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
DESCRIPTION: Provides brief description and links to medical related electronic journals and newsletters.
KEYWORDS: medical electronic journals

TITLE: The On-line Medical Dictionary
DESCRIPTION: Medic8® ( is a leading UK medical information website for healthcare professionals and consumers around the world. All content has been reviewed by a qualified UK doctor prior to listing.
KEYWORDS: medical dictionary

TITLE: Periscope Military Information Services
DESCRIPTION: "Periscope is a one-stop shop for open-source defense and military information. Periscope databases include usni military database, pentagon blue tops, daily defense news capsules and special reports."--About. It publishes the Periscope Military Database is an encyclopedia of nearly 5,000 weapon systems and 170 countries' orders of battle.
KEYWORDS: military database, defense

TITLE: Planetary Nomenclature
DESCRIPTION: A gazetteer of planetary system and satellites, etc.
E-MAIL: Jennifer Blue,
KEYWORDS: planet, gazetteer

TITLE: Sheppard's Science Resources
DESCRIPTION: "This site contains excellent science resources and is the starting point for the University of California at Irvine Summer Science Institute. It was created to help K-12 teachers integrate WWW resources into the science curriculum. Also contains Sheppard's Usefullinks with more than 500 links organized by alphabetically by category."--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: science curriculum, k-12

TITLE: Unified Computer Science TR Index
DESCRIPTION: A keyword search index for computer science technical reports from universities, research labs, and computer centers. A browsable list of the sites included in this index is available.
KEYWORDS: computer science, technical reports, papers, index, abstract

DESCRIPTION: "An atmospheric and oceanic sciences Internet Resource Locator provided by the NOAA Central Library ... WINDandSEA has over 750 selected links to science and policy sites organized by topic and alphabetically within topic."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: atmosphere, ocean

TITLE: Yahoo:Computers and Internet
DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive listing of computing resources such as current technology headlines, hardware and software companies and products on Internet, etc.
KEYWORDS: technology, computer science
TITLE: Yahoo:Science
DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive listing of science resources such as biology, physics, zoology, etc.
KEYWORDS: science

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