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TITLE: Canada's Digital Collections
DESCRIPTION: "Canada’s Digital Collections is one of the major collections of quality Canadian content on the Internet. The site contains Web sites about Canadian history, culture, geography, and heritage."--Supplied by publisher. The site also contains teaching resources.
KEYWORDS: canada, history, education, arts, culture

TITLE: Childbirth Preparation
DESCRIPTION: Contains childbirth educational materials, including a list of books, audio-visual materials in English and Spanish.
KEYWORDS: childbirth resources

TITLE: Kid Info: Historical Documents
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to significant historical documents for United States and searchable online encyclopedia sites.
KEYWORDS: united states history

TITLE: The Library of Congress Exhibitions
DESCRIPTION: Contains historical exhibitions such as American Treasures of the Library of Congress, For European Recovery: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan, Revelations from the Russian Archives, People and History, etc.
KEYWORDS: history, exhibitions

TITLE: Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia: British History, 1700-1920
DESCRIPTION: "A comprehensive encyclopaedia being produced for the National Grid of Learning and a completely free resource for all students of British history. The encyclopaedia currently contains over 1,000 entries and is an attempt to show the history of Britain through the eyes of people from all levels of society. This is a reference work that provides as much information about Marie Corbett as it does about Queen Victoria; where Henry Hetherington's life is examined in the same sort of detail as that of the Duke of Wellington. Each entry includes narrative, illustrations, primary sources and bibliography. The text within each entry is hyper-linked to other relevant pages in the encyclopaedia. In this way it is possible to research individual people and events in great detail. The sources are also hyper-linked so the student is able to find out about the writer, artist, newspaper, organisation, etc., that produced the material."--Supplied by publisher. The site includes sections such as: Prime Ministers; Members of Parliament; the Monarchy; Parliamentary Reform; the Peterloo Massacre; the Chartist Movement; Journalists and Newspapers; Artists & Architects; Poets, Novelists and Playwrights; Child Labour; Emancipation of Women; Political Parties & Election Results; Parliamentary Legislation; London in the 19th Century; Towns & Cities; 19th Century Railways; Religion and Society; Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders; the Trade Union Movement; Socialism and the Labour Movement; Poverty, Health and Housing; the Slave Trade; Engineers, Scientists & Inventors.
KEYWORDS: british history, great britain

TITLE: Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia: the First World War
DESCRIPTION: "Created by teachers and students from several different countries. Each entry includes several pages of narrative, illustrations and links to other relevant websites. The strategy is to look at the international, the national and the local dimension of the conflict."--Title screen. "There are currently over 300 pages of cross-referenced information in the encyclopaedia. This is an organic project and by the end of 1998 there will be over 2,000 pages of information in the encyclopaedia. The website also includes an online glossary and dictionary. (387 pages)"--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: history, first world war

TITLE: Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia: Investigating the Vietnam War
DESCRIPTION: "The main objective of this website is to help students to carry out research into the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War Research section includes a series of possible investigations. With each investigation is a list of websites that the student should consider visiting. The Spartacus website contains a Vietnam War Interview Area where students can interview Vietnam Veterans and members of the Vietnam Peace Movement by e-mail. Dr. Robert Blackburn, the websites's resident historian, is also available to answer individual questions on the war. The Spartacus website provides access to Vietnam Stories, a gathering place for personal histories and a forum for opinions on the war. A powerful search engine enables the student to investigate all the narratives that have been submitted to the website."--Supplied by the publisher.
KEYWORDS: history, vietnam war

TITLE: Troubadour Interactive
CREATOR: Troubadour Interactive
DESCRIPTION: Offers multimedia history titles on CD-ROM such as "Fateful Lightning: A Narrative History of the Civil War" and "Quest for Empire: A History of the Napoleonic Wars". Intended audience is high school and college students. Each title has sample text and Table of Contents, as well as price information on the Web.
KEYWORDS: history, international

TITLE: Yahoo:Social Science
DESCRIPTION: Contains world countries' studies, history, philosophy, anthropology and archaeology, sociology, social work, women studies, and urban studies, etc.
KEYWORDS: social science

TITLE: The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
DESCRIPTION: "Presents over 1400 annotated links in a range of international affairs topics. Sites are chosen because of long-term value, favoring those with cost-free, high-quality information and analysis online."--Title screen. It covers topics such as International Business and Economics, International Development, Study and Work Abroad, International Communications, World Religions, General Foreign Languages, Global Environment, Peace, Conflict Resolution, and International Security, French Language, International and Foreign Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Spanish Language, International and Comparative Education, Health, and German Language.
E-MAIL: Wayne A. Selcher,
KEYWORDS: international affairs

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