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TITLE: Homebase
DESCRIPTION: "A free bookstore management program, currently for Windows-based PC, MacIntosh and PowerPC computers."--Overview.
KEYWORDS: inventory management software, homebase

TITLE: ID Card Software
DESCRIPTION: Offers ID card and lobby tracking software for schools, libraries, and business. Easily installs to any computer to print ID badges, guest badges, or track visitors.
KEYWORDS: id card software, id badge software, lobby tracking

TITLE: Winnebago Software Company
DESCRIPTION: Offers circulation, online public access catalogs, acquisitions, card production, and more library automation programs to school, public, academic, and special libraries.
LOCATION: 457 East South Street, Caledonia, MN 55921
PHONE: 800-533-5430 (sales) ; 800-654-3002 (support)
FAX: 507-724-2301 (sales) ; 507-724-5530 (support)
KEYWORDS: library software, winnebago

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