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Bibliographic Utilities:
Research Libraries Group (RLG)

DESCRIPTION: Offers information on RLG products and services. Eureka, Ariel, CitaDel, Zephyr, RLIN events and workshops, RLG job opportunities, and other RLG services can be searched by keywords.
KEYWORDS: bibliographic service, rlin, web site

TITLE: Eureka on the Web
DESCRIPTION: Eureka provides Internet users easy access via telnet to RLG's wide array of RLIN bibliographic and CitaDel article-citation databases. Demo access via telnet is available.
KEYWORDS: bibliographic service, eureka

TITLE: Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN)
DESCRIPTION: An information management and retrieval system used by hundreds of comprehensive research libraries, archival repositories, museums, academic, public, law, technical, and corporate libraries for cataloging, interlibrary loan, and archives and manuscripts control, and to build an international database of bibliographic information which includes: Bibliographic database - an online union catalog of more than 63 million items, reflecting combined holdings of members of The Research Libraries Group, Inc. (RLG) and other RLIN users; ESTC -- The English Short Title Catalogue; Authority files - the Library of Congress's Name Authority and Subject Authority files and the Art and Architecture Thesaurus; and Special databases such as SCIPIO (Art Sales Catalog Database) and the RLG Conspectus Online. All of them can be searched via Eureka (easy-to-use interface), via Zephyr (Z39.50 client), and via RLIN (library technical processing functions).
LOCATION: RLIN Information Center, Mountain View, CA 94041-1100
PHONE: 800-537-RLIN
NOTE: New users need to establish a search account.
KEYWORDS: bibliographic service, rlin, catalog

TITLE: Zephyr
DESCRIPTION: "Zephyr provides a Z39.50 server for RLG's databases that can be accessed by any Z39.50 client. Zephyr lets users of other online systems search RLIN bibliographic, the ESTC English Short Title Catalogue, and CitaDel files using the same commands they use to search their own local catalogs or bibliographic utilities, and to display information from these files in familiar, local formats." Configuration information for Zephyr can be found on the Web.
KEYWORDS: bibliographic service, zephyr

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